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big price increases comming

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  • big price increases comming

    Been talking tonight to a guy who imports from China and India. Hes just back from China and he recons the bubble has burst. Many companies he has bought from in the past have closed their doors, and many of the workers are leaving the cities and heading back to the farmlands.
    He buys in US dollars, and but by the time the money is converted to UK, he thinks its going to put around 20% on the cost.
    What this means is grab as much old stock as you can, the new stuff coming in will be dearer.
    The good news is that the UK firms will get a chance to get back the customers back.
    Thats how I read it, anybody got any other views on it

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    I buy wholesale from China and I'm not surprised but even with a 20% rise it will still work out cost effective for me. I do still buy in the UK if I need a quick delivery but I find it so expensive, I know they have their own fees etc to cover.
    But as with everything from household shopping to white goods it really is a case of shopping around for the best deal.
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      I am not surprised I do try to buy British where ever possible but agree costs are a factor, perhaps the UK suppliers would be able to offer a reduction to ensure sales or they may be greedy and increase their prices hoping people will not buy abroad.


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        This has been seen already in the soap world - the price of oils and butters has been rising for a while, exacerbated by the fashion for bio-diesel.
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