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Is asking people to join a Facebook group allowed

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  • Is asking people to join a Facebook group allowed

    If this isn't an allowable feature, I'm sure it'll be removed. All I am seeking is self publicity really. Its no secret that we have just launched a new product, so in a shameless attempt to increase the profile we have been asking people we know to join the "Glowbile Appreciation Group" on Facebook. Unfortunately I'm hoping that if anyone is agreeable to do this for me, they are t'internet savvy enough to require no further info than already given. I was told to join facebook 2 days ago and then sent a message asking me to join the above group. One click of the button and Hey Presto, I'm a member of my own products fan club!!!. In that time I have acquired 5 friends, which is more than I have managed in 47 years so far. Needless to say, I haven't learned how to load an image yet, which is probably a good thing.
    If any of you feel that you'd like to join it would be appreciated, but understand if you don't. Thanks for taking the time to read this Real Glow-In-The-Dark decorations

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    Originally posted by wastril View Post
    All I am seeking is self publicity really.
    Will you pleeeeeze make up your mind! You have protested most strongly that you are not here for publicity - then you post this! I have become your Nemesis of choice, yet you seem to take great pleasure in using the forum for your own means.......................and seem completely bulletproof to any criticism of your actions. You stay just on the right side of the rules, but you may be the first forum member to be banned for no reason at all. Does that answer your ridiculous request?


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      I understood the bit about joining facebook but got lost on the rest of it. why would I join the glowbile appreciation group?


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          Obviously this wasn't the fun thread that it was meant to be. Maybe I should have added some smileys to show that it was tongue in cheek. It now appears that nothing I do is going to be acceptable, despite being one of the least self publicising respondents. You don't find my web site attached to every reply unlike some ( moderators included). I don't make disparaging comments about others works unlike some. I've tried to be helpful and have asked for, and received, help in return. On one occassion, a fellow member derided us for getting our product a Brititsh Standard safety test. Its for children for crickey sake.
          As I feel a rant coming on, and as it looks as though a ban is coming my way anyway, may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. If you click on ( which in over 100 posts was mentioned in one posting only rampant self publicist that I am), you go to the website. You don't boost our ratings on google any more than clicking on any one elses. You go directly to that site. I've never posted my work website.
          I may have not been forgiven for mentioning the phrase "tree huggers", again tongue in cheek and I apologised profusely if I did upset people over that, but that is a phrase ( and a darn sight worse believe me) that is used to describe people like us on the outside world. If its because we use plastics ( even though the pieces were designed, the tool made and the parts exclusively produced within a 15 mile radius of us), well we all use raw materials and then hand assemble them don't we?
          I have really enjoyed chatting to you all and would much prefer it if we could all calm down, make a truce and get along again, but have a feeling that may not be allowed. I thought that this was an inclusive forum, but it appears I may have been mistaken. I hope this isn't my last posting, but if, as I suspect, it is, thanks to everyone who has helped me and made this a fun place to be, If any of you feel that I may be of possible help to you in the future, my email is [email protected].
          Thanks to everyone
 Real Glow-In-The-Dark decorations


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            I can't understand why you bring up previous arguments and grieviences in new posts!

            As for this post, it didn't come across originally as being a joke, it actually appeared to be a little strange and didn't make an awful lot of sense. I know you don't like smilies, but if you intend something as a joke or not to be taken literally then you should read the post back to yourself before you submit it.

            You maybe didn't mention your website previously, but it wasn't ready. I personally don't mind if you were a crafter or not, IF you enjoyed making something and had interesting posts and value to bring to the forum you would be made as welcome as any other member. If you take offence to what someone says about your stuff there isn't any point in getting wound up about it. Not everyone likes my items, they are entitled not to like them!

            I'm not sure why you added the big long last rant to be honest. No-one had written anything that was horrible or nasty to you. In fact, most of the posts were as confused as I am.
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              I was going to close this thread........................but in deference to a masterpiece of self promotion worthy of Mark Anthony, I will not close it, nor edit the posts.
              Wastril's only fault is that he is advertising on the wrong platform. His work, although the loophole is always exploited, is not handcrafted or handmade - though he genuinely believes it is. He is not an adverse effect on the forum, he has not done anything directly contravening the forum rules, but 'the sum of his parts greatly outweighs the individual components'.
              Almost every post has had a subtle stab at self promotion, no input has been forthcoming about other crafter's work, the impression is that the Craftsforum is a tool to further the promotion of his company.
              Yes, he has got up my nose almost since he joined - and he knows it - but, contrary to opinion, that is not a reason to ban someone. I have tried to cajole and embarrass him into leaving the forum to 'proper crafters', but he is as thick skinned as a Rhino.
              I shall now back away, having lost this one...................and acknowledge a wordsmith worthy of note - but still not a 'craftsman'.


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                OK (walks away scratching head "I'm still not sure what this thread is about")


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                  Originally posted by shiner View Post
                  OK (walks away scratching head "I'm still not sure what this thread is about")
                  It's never too late to gyrate!