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  • Vista print - free stamp!

    Im signing up for my business cards from vista print. I hope all is well and they wont be sneaky and charge me any extra. I see they have free rubber stamps and i thought it would be a good idea to get one to stamp on envelopes etc.

    But im a little can they be free. How can any of it be free?
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    just be careful with them. theyre notorious ****mers.
    they can give you free things cause of the amount of advertising they throw at you so people get tempted to buy other things.

    BUT i got ****med by them recently, and a lot of people i know have.
    basically they sign you up for a "reward scheme" somewhere in tiny print there's apparently an option for you to opt out (which is what you want) but i saw nothing about this reward scheme until it was too late. being signed up means they are allowed to take money from your account every month. fortunately being poor i noticed the payment come out STRAIGHT away so emailed them at once threatenning legal action etc etc worked and they refunded me. i'd still use them...if i was desperate. but as maybe a day after you've placed your order you should ring them up and ask if you are signed up for any reward schemes. if they say yes ask to be removed from them completely. then you should have no problem.

    a photographer i worked with didnt notice they were taking money from her account until theyd taken about £250, it's ridiculous!!

    anyhoo...haha if you google vistaprint ****s you'll find loads of info on it.
    just thought id warn you xx


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      Ok well i ordered them and i didnt see any reward scheme thingy! But i will give them a call now i think. To be sure. I dont even know if i have £10 in my account.....though i used OHs paypal to pay for it.
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        yeah best to check even if it probably hasnt happened, because its alot harder to get ya money back after they've taken it hehe.
        it's exciting getting all that stuff for free though eh


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          Well free but expensive postage! Still better than hte alternative. Trying to cut costs as much as i can.
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            yeah for sure
            i guess thats why they charge more on postage hehe


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              Yes I got caught with the reward thing too, first time I ordered from them, but I'm aware of it now & as long as your careful you should be ok. I think even with the postage you can get some good deals, I've just ordered and am waiting for my business cards to come.
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                I have ordered from them loads of times and never got caught by a reward scheme. I would say go with them as they are offering loads of freebes at the mo.
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                  I've never had any problems with them and have had free pens, post-its, brochures, postcards, notepads, stamps & magnets (not sure what to do with them though....). They make their money through charging you for uploading your own graphics and charging postage, but are still really good value if you order when the offers are on. If the emails from them start driving you nuts, have a look at the preferences in your account. I think that's where you can manage how often they contact you.
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                    I just chose a free design they had for my cards. And the stamp just says my website name. I guess it would have looked better if i did my own design, same as website but no matter. I chose the best one that fits the design of the website i have.
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                      I've been using vistaprint for about 3 years now. I order at least twice a month and I have never been charged for anything extra. The postage can be steep and you will be bombarded with emails every day but they work out heaps cheaper than most companies.

                      You will only get charged for the so called ****s if you click on them - they do not sign you up automatically. If you're getting charged for something then you have clicked for it.

                      What's so hard about reading the screen before you order something?

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                        I've been using Vistaprint now for the last couple of years and have never been charged for anything other than what I've ordered and paid for. As has already been said it's just a case of being careful when you are ordering, and making sure that you don't click on anything except what you definitely want.

                        Vistaprints quality has always been fine - I've had business cards, postcards, brochures, magnets, t-shirts (not great but fine to wear sitting around crafting) so I'd definitely say they are worth using as long as you're careful and read what you are accepting.


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                          I agree with Auntynet and Fluffy Squirrel. I have only recently started using them after a very positive thread on this forum where the drawbacks were pointed out, but also the positive side. My first 250 business cards cost £4.73. If I wanted to print my own I have to pay out about £11 for a pack of card sheets for printing business cards on and then use my printer and toner etc. I was willing to try them at that price and see how they were. I was very pleased and have now had my second set.

                          As has been said, just read what you are ticking and there are no problems. Yes, there is a daily e-mail, but that is easily ignored and better to receive it ready for your next order and get all the offers. As with anything on the internet it is important to concentrate on what is being agreed to.


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                            I did the opposite to handcrafted. I chose my bus cards and then matched my website !!
                            I have made two orders so far and been happy with both.



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                              I use them too and have had no problems. Just recieved some great "FREE" car magnets! I keep old emails as they seem to still work weeks later if you click on the email and add the free items to your cart then do the same to another email. It may just be me
                              Allison Kiln