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  • Has anybody got tips and hints

    Can anybody give me tips or hints for displaying cards at fairs. On a budget and I have 2 weeks until my next fair. My last fair all the cards just kept falling down. One more thing do you display the cards in or out of the cello bags.

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    I use a mixture of baskets (cheepos from hombase), a card stand and those little plastic plate stands (you can get them from Dobies etc)

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      .. and definitely in cello bags. People do not care how clean their hands are when they are sorting through your cards!! Can be particularly bad at an event where there is food and drink around. Good luck with the fair.


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        How about one of those xmas card holders, My mum has one in a tree shape that holds quite a lot.



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          Thank you girls. Love your cards pagan, and so many, looking like I have no were near enough. I love the idea of the christmas card holders, I will go and get some today.


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            I use baskets like Pagan, mine are white and lined with lilac gingham. Each one has a laminated sign saying what's in that particular basket. Some are on plate stands. Each one is in a cello bag and a tiny white label with the price on... actually very much like Pagan again!! I also put about half a dozen at the front of the table out of the cello bags and opened up as some have fancy inserts, or pop outs, or posh lining papers etc...just to show that there are different ones like these inside the baskets too. I think I counted about 300+ when I did my first craft fair, about 30-40 in each category then extra if it was around a certain 'special event', like Christmas, Valentines etc. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself Oh, also don't forget a big cloth to cover the table down the sides and to the floor at the front too, secure with safety pins or grips
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              You can also get 'tiered folding card stands'

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                My wife has a few shoe boxes she has decorated with backing paper and toppers which people find quite easy to rifle through as well as a couple of notice boards with ribbons criss crossed over them that the cards slip into, and I would 100% agree with putting all your stock in plastic bags the state of some peoples hands I wouldn't like to guess what they were doing before coming to the craft fairs