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  • Craft Zone - where's yours???

    Sorry, that's my attempt at jazzing up my thread title!!

    I'm really excited - we've just moved house and the former garage has been converted into a room. We're going to make it into a study but I'll also have my own desk to do my crafting! Have just ordered the deskk, a filing cabinet and a cupboard. It comes on Saturday, so can't wait to get it all assembled and get the room sorted!

    So, the question is, where do you craft? Do you have a room, a table, a tray? Inside, outside, in bed???? A while ago people posted pictures of their craft domains so please feel free to share! I'll post mine when it's all sorted...oh how exciting!!!!
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    My whole house!!
    Seriously though, I have crafty room, but at the moment it's more of a mess than anybody elses.

    I wanted to redecorate, so I took the original paper off, and the plaster came off too, so I got my dad to take a look, and underneath the plaster is old artex, which contains asbestos. So at the mo' my craft room is a building site, under construction.

    Which means I get to spread my crafty mess all over the house lol
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      I have my sewing room upstairs in one of the front bedrooms, my office in one of the back bedrooms and my craft room in the end of the garage which has been converted into a room. We had an end on end garage, only having the one car seemed no point in having all that wasted space, when I could put it to such good use. My DH and BIL converted this for me all fire reg division etc, correct flooring height and well insulated in March this year. Also the garden when the weather is nice and warm.


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        I don't have a room at all, only wish. I have to take it all out from different cupboards all around the flat and set it all up. Once I have finished I have to put it all back.
        It's laborious on its own. But we live in a very small flat and there is no hope for anything else. One day...
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          Dining rooom table! We have an enormous double garage which is currently full of the whole extended family's junk & would love to make it into workshop space for me and DH. Well - you've got to have a dream! All the best with your setting up Katianne.

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            • The dinning tables is mines.It is long so we can have our meal on it. But I have to try and put it away each night as my hubby hates the mess. Its difficult to put it all away when your have a on going project.


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              I craft in a tiny corner of my bedroom in uni, which I share with my cat, earwig. this arrangement suites the cat as he has a load of nice, shiny (UNsharp) glass items to play with if ever i forget to blue tack them to the various cluttered surfaces.


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                Originally posted by zoeistopdog View Post
                • The dinning tables is mines.It is long so we can have our meal on it. But I have to try and put it away each night as my hubby hates the mess. Its difficult to put it all away when your have a on going project.
                buy him a nice padded tray for christmas so he can enjoy his meals in front of the TV!
                I have a Craft room...put it does tend to spill All Over the house!


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                  I am very lucky. I get to do mine at our factory unit when I have no work on. When we have real work on, that always comes first, but in those quiet moments, out comes the stuff from under the stairs, the pliers etc getting "repatriated" from their proper residence and away I go.
                  The mess can then wait 'til tomorrow
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                    Mine is the dining room, with a bag down the side of the settee for bits I can do in front of the telly!

                    I've threatened the children though - if they don't keep their rooms tidy I'll be pinching one and they will have to share! (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't *rollseyes*) Would it be mean to encourage the 17 year old to be thinking about leaving home so I can pinch his room?
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                      All over the house! We only have a 2-bed house so we're in one room and dd in the other. I have my stock all together in our room, fabric on a big shelf and in huge bags in a little alcove in our bedroom. Display stuff/bags/other bits & bobs on another shelf in there. In the kitchen I have a few bits and pieces though they won't be there much longer. In the living room I have a desk, drawers, and have taken it over with shelving .

                      I got two tall shelving units from Ikea - they should have a couple of long shelves between them (waiting for it to come back in stock). They have my craft stuff on along with a tall plastic set of drawers. Then I have a huge basket full of yarn. Smaller shelving on the desk for my jewellery making stuff.

                      I have a fold up table that we keep folded up next to the sofa and I can get that out if I haven't space on my desk or if dh wants to do something too. I sometimes take it along to craft fairs to put bags and stuff on.

                      Then the shed has 6 sheep fleeces in . They should have been washed and carded by now but the weather has been awful this year and I just haven't had time.




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                        I now have a very small table next to the computer table in the spare room. OH still thinks its a dumping ground for our paper work but i cleaned it all away and said stop dumping things there!! Doesnt help but at least the paper work gets put away quickly.
                        One thing though is that this room isnt the warmest and its a little cluttered. I like tidy rooms! And i need more light. So not perfect yet!
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                          2 Garages, small back room at the stall, half of the kitchen, most of the front room, large trailer in front garden for display storage, Auntynets job today is to create some room in the front room, as Im just setting off to pick up a load of pretty rocks that will need unwrapping priceing rewrapping by tomorrow, thought about a 3rd garage, but i would only fill it


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                            my is on my stall spilling into my house and back of car!! but when i get the materials cheap i bulk up especially for xmas 500 baskets @ 1.00 each
                            20 big massive bags of sodium boicard and 10 bags of salt plus other stuff


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                              Mines a spare room, but I tend to migrate towards the kitchen table every so often and then I have two lots to tidy up. That'll be the day!
                              Gail x

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