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Help needed with a mosaic table!

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  • Help needed with a mosaic table!

    (We should have a mosaics forum lol!)

    I would like to make a mosaic table as a christmas present, but I have a couple of problems.

    Firstly, I cant seem to find a (cheap) iron table anywhere, or any cheap garden table at all, it must be the wrong time of year! Anyone got an idea of where I coud get one? Although I am planning to "borrow" my mum's aluminium and tempered glass table if I cant find anything else suitable!

    Secondly, I am a bit confused by the instructions I have found, as some say to do the design upside down onto brown paper to make sure the surface is flat, and others say it is OK to do it straight onto the table. I would be glad of some advice from any mosaic-ers! Obviously I would prefer to do it straight onto the table but not if it means the table is too uneven to stand mugs etc on!

    Please help!

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    This is one of my hobby areas (not an expert but have done a fair few mosaics!), I'd suggest that if the table surface is flat you could glue the tiles in place straight on it before grouting. If it is not then you may want to consider doing the mosaic on a board that can then be attached to the table top.

    I've always put the tiles on face up as I cant be doing with all that brown paper/upside down stuff (and I'd worry that I'd do the pattern wrong if I couldnt 'see' the design!). Its really trial and error to see which works best for you so why dont you try out on a small area (like a kitchen tile size?).

    Have you tried eBay for tables....... just a thought...


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      Thanks Mel!

      I agree with you about the brown paper, I am almost positive I wouldnt be happy with it once I had peeled the paper off, and by then it would be too late!

      I did have a little look on ebay for tables, but didnt really find anything suitable. I might hae another look though . . .


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        all the mosaics I have done have been direct onto the object not messing about doing it back to front on brown paper and transfering it. when you glue the teseri to the table top make sure you have them flat and level then when it's grouted and in use there will be no fears about wobbly coffee cups. I made a mosaic patio table about 3 years ago using the base of an oil drum with a 1" box steel frame to stiffen it up, I cleaned the top off back to solid paint and bare metal where the paint was bad, gave it a good coat of primer I used broken ceramic tiles as teseri and stuck them down with a ceramic floor tile flexible adhesive and grouted 2 days later. it has been out in all weathers since and apart from the legs and the rim needing repainting (done them in hamerite now) still looks good now