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  • help !!

    me and hubby have been planning a handmade card and gift party for a few months and its next week
    I was fine until yesterday when we picked up the card and earring stands and now I'm in a panic !!!
    its all starting to seem real now
    I love online sales and really enjoy e.mailing customers etc but put me in front of 'real people ' and I'm useless even though I know most people who are coming
    hubby is an estate agent and is a very loud confident person who loves being the centre of attention , I hate it !!
    so now my stomach is in knots worrying if anyone will actually come
    and if they do what am I going to say to them
    will they like our cards and gifts, if they say they do are they just being polite
    and do I really want to do this ??
    hubbys idea is if it goes well then we will do card parties at other peoples houses, he will be in his element doing that but I'm not sure I can cope
    help !!

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    I am like you fine with a website etc but used to dread the parties, they do get better and there is nothing like a boost to the confidence when you sell and do well.

    Take a deep breath and good luck.


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      I'm sure you'll be fine, it'll be great to hear & see people admiring your work and these aren't usually as scary as you think they're going to be.

      Try a slosh of Rescue Remedy before you start, great for calming nerves & let us know how you get on.

      All the best
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        I was just as nervous as you before our first card and candle party... via the internet, website, emails, etc I'm fine - could 'talk the hind legs off a donkey' as they say, and even on the phone I can usually hold my own but face to face I'm a bag of nerves.

        My hubby is like yours - he will talk to anyone about anything and doesn't really care who he's standing in front of... he isn't phased by these things, and he's been told on several occasions that he could sell snow to eskimos lol.

        Anyways, at our first party I was really nervous, to the extent where I told hubby he was going on his own because I couldn't face it (the party was at our friends house) and he told me to stop being ridiculous and get in the car lol... so we went along and I let hubby do the whole 'intro speech' telling everyone who we are and what we do, etc while I sat quietly in the corner then as the evening went on I began to feel more relaxed and began chatting with everyone and realised that it wasn't quite as scary as I thought. We made about £160 that night and I'd taken most of the orders/sales as hubby was too busy chatting!!!

        At craft fairs, I don't tend to get quite so nervous, I suppose that's cos people will approach our stand and we're not the centre of attention, etc but since doing that first party then they don't seem as daunting now and when I do start to get nervous I just let hubby do the talking - I guess we're both lucky in that you and I both have partners who like talking!!

        Anyway, all you need to remember is that people will buy your things because they like them, and they wouldn't come along if they weren't interested in your items. Most of all, try to relax, enjoy yourself and if all else fails - follow Jan's advice and have some Rescue Remedy

        Hope this makes sense as I think I'm starting to ramble lol.

        Laura xx


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          people say exactly the same thing to my hubby about selling snow to eskimos ' really doesn't help when you yourself are shy does it
          I sometimes feel I have a lot to live upto
          we're doing our party as more of a 'drop in 'thing
          we've said they can come to us anytime between midday and 4 most of them have already had cards from us so know what we're all about but they haven't seen the earrings , wine glass charms
          I've got no confidence in myself and just worry about everything
          I'm bribing them with homemade cake but have friends in reserve to help us eat it if no one turns up lol
          I'm sure once people start coming I'll be fine but until they do I'll be in panic mode !!


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            I was pretty much scared to death when I held a jewellery party at my hair salon. Obviously I'm a hairdresser so I can quite happily talk the hind legs off several donkeys but that doesn't mean I'm not a shy person!! I knew most of the people coming but I knew lots of my clients had said 'Oh can I bring so and so etc' so there was an element of the unknown too. Told my girls at the shop I'd be happy to take £50 in the couple of hours I was there, supplied some Lambrusco and soft drinks and took a whopping £400!!!! Am now doing another one on 8th Dec, just after they've all been paid, LOL. Won't stop me being nervous though and I'll still be happy with £50!!!! Good Luck to you, its actually not half as bad as you think it will be!!!! Selina


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              This is gonna sound a bit stange coming from me but I have a sort-of party on Thurday night and I'm very nervous.

              Strange cos I've been selling my jewellery on the market for nearly 3 years now and I can't ever remember having a confidence problem. But I think thats cos I've always had my OH alongside me and we do make a good team when we're working.

              I suppose the good thing about my event is that its a ladies shopping night in a pub so I won't be the only seller there but I'm worried cos although I will be the only jeweller there - and that's a good thing in one sense - but what if they don't like my stuff?

              The other thing that's worrying me is that my trusted OH won't be with me. Its about 45 miles away and its likely to be a late night what with the travelling so we've decided I do this on my own and he does the market on his own next day.

              I will have the support of Sam, the girl that works for us, and Goldy is coming along too so I know I can call on her for support but that still doesn't stop the nerves. And as I'm driving and have to navigate the M62 all alone . . . . there and back then I can't rely on my trusted V&C for a bit of the old dutch courage!

              Maybe I should get some of that Rescue Remedy. Where can I buy it?

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                Originally posted by auntynet View Post
                Maybe I should get some of that Rescue Remedy. Where can I buy it?
                I'm sure everything will go really well for you on Thursday night but if you feel like you need Rescue Remedy you can buy it from most supermarkets (by the medicines, vitamins, etc), health shops like Holland & Barratt sell it I think and most chemists - hope this helps


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                  Hey there Sunrise

                  I think the best thing you can do is tell yourself you dont have to do it!

                  Noones forcing you to, so you have the choice whether to do it or not.

                  Remember the reason why you want to do it. You are making the decision to do it because you know it will be beneficial, boost your confidence and earn yourself some money from doing something you love. When I worry about stuff thats what I do - put myself in the driving seat = I'm doing this stuff cause it makes me feel good! yay!

                  Leona xx
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                    I'm sure I already posted on here, but I can't see it! Maybe Peter's right, I should have gone to specsavers, either that or I am going mad!


                    You'll be fine. I am shy when it comes to meeting people face to face (honest). When I had my first party, I was terrified, but I was so busy that once I was there I didn't have time to think about it.
                    You'll have your hubby there too if you need to fall back on him, but trust me, you'll soon warm up to it all when you hear peoples lovely comments on your work (and see the cash rolling in! )
                    MISI -


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                      Hi hope everything goes/went well. I was so nervous when i did my first craft sale but at the same time enjoyed it. I got a few tips from different people on different forums and i tried to remember them when i was selling my goods.

                      I didn't use rescue remidy (is that spelt right sorry if it isn't) but it's a good idea and i thought i would be all over the place & a wreck but i wasn't.

                      Just enjoy yourself & let us know how it went.

                      Christine x