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Are there to many people selling cards

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  • Are there to many people selling cards

    I have only recently started making cards. My family would tell me if they were awful and not worth trying to sell them. I needed to find something I could do. I have been to a couple of small craft fairs and sold around 15. Been to a fair today, it was really a carboot inside. I love making the cards, but am I wasting my time.

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    I do a few crafts, jewellery is the main one, I have sold quite a bit of it.
    I also make cards, but I only sell these to friends and family, personally I can't see how I could really make money from them
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      I have to say I'm having a different response
      don't ask me why cos I still can't quite believe we're selling so many
      car boot sales type things don't seem to work as people want something for nothing
      I've never done well at craft fairs either
      I seem to do quite well on ebay but others dont'
      how much are you selling your cards for ??
      I have started making jewellery and other small gifts and they sell very well and I make more profit per item than I do on the cards
      have you got any pictures of your cards you could show us ??


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        I just love making them! I'll never make any money at it but I see it as a hobby. I spend far too much on materials and probably sell the cards too cheaply. Hubby thinks I am mad!! I like the buzz of the Craft Fairs and hearing people admire my cards.(most of the time!!!!) It is a very popular craft now , probably because it is therapeutic!!! I do do other crafts but at the moment I am hooked on card making. You say you sold 15 - well - that proves 15 people thought they were lovely. Sometimes it is the luck of the draw. Depends on the area where the craft fair is and of course what you charge. I sell some in a shop at a Craft Centre but to be honest they put a ridiculous price on them, I' amazed they sell!!! If you enjoy making them just carry on and do something else as well! Sue xx


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          I make jewellery and my wife makes cards, sales are steady. We're not about to retire on the money coming in but because she has a local reputation for her artistic style and quality she has quite regular sales. I think if you can produce a good quality at a reasonable price (bearing in mind each card is a handmade piece of art) then there is a market there. or you can get drawn into the price war that some people seem to be into you will go down the same road as many of them, low quality, rushed tacky looking rubbish that you have to sell at a loss just to get rid of I attend a lot of boot sales and craft fairs There is a lot of talent out there but sadly there is also too many people who see it as quick money to buy some beads and string them on a piece of thread or stick some toppers onto a card with no thought or design and try to sell it cheaper than the person on the next stall, giving handmade a bad name.
          Phew where did that come from? ...... Feel much better now I've got that off my chest


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            I think it depends what you mean by "wasting your time"? If you want to make your fortune from selling them, then yes, you probably are. If however you enjoy creating a piece of art then no, you are not, so long as you enjoy doing it. If that ends up with you making some cash from it then all to the good.

            However, if you are anything like the vast majority of crafters (I include myself in this) you will probably end up spending far more on bits and bobs for your hobby than you make in sales. Unless it's a business there's no shame in that ...enjoy it for what it is.

            It's true to say that a lot of people make cards, it's a popular craft ...some do it very well and others not so well. But it's also true to say that people are always needing a card for something. You can thank the 'big boy' retailers for that as they have skilfully increased the number of occasions you need a card for. Hands up anyone who sent a Halloween card this year!!

            Best wishes.
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              How many is too many?! As a card maker I find that even when there are other card makers at a craft fair their styles will vary enormously (and I am talking now of hand crafted rather than Phoenix Cards). As Fair Do says, people always need cards and if you have a style that people like then they will buy. You probably won't make your fortune, but it is fun to sell something you have made. It is also not instant, unless you are very lucky. I find I have gradually built up a reputation locally and therefore get repeat business and people are used to seeing me at craft fairs locally, which also leads to other work. If you enjoy it have a go, you are not laying out a large amount of money to start up and if you don't find the selling is what you want to do you still have the cards for family and friends. I started with a shoebox of cards taken into my old office when someone suggested I try to sell my cards and was amazed that people wanted to buy them!!! Sitting looking at what is around me in my dining room now that seems a long while ago.

              Get making and enjoy!!


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                Thanks you everybody. I really don't want to be making loads of money, just to cover my costs. So I will keep trying to find more craft fairs, than carboots. I will get around to showing some of my cards here. Once I have worked it out. Ones again thanks guys, I am so pleased I found this forum everybody's geat.


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                  Agree with everyone else here really, I love making my cards & any I sell is a bonus - so far I've only sold to family & friends & am now branching out into doing a craft fair & setting up a website. But I don't for a minute expect to make a profit, just covering some of my outlay would be nice, as like most crafters I buy so many things. I reckon I could make cards from my stock of goodies for months without buying another thing (but I'm not going to of course! ). I also make jewellery and a few other things which help.

                  If you enjoy it, do it and any you sell is a bonus & a compliment that someone is prepared to spend their hard earned cash on something you've created.
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                    Speaking as a buyer of cards rather than someone who makes them, I would always prefer to buy a handmade card from the seller and get something unique rather than go into Clintons Cards and buy one off the shelf there. Have you considered setting up a shop on Etsy or Folksy? The costs there are minimal. That's the first place I look when I want a card.
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