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The Wholesale Process

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  • The Wholesale Process

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    I'd give them a ring and explain that you've prepared a package for them as they requested and ask when is a convenient time to come in with your work/paperwork.

    If its being done via the interweb then I'd definitely ask for the money up front.

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      Have you made all the things they have asked for yet? Maybe they are waiting to hear from you when you can deliver the goods.

      If you are ready to send them the goods telephone them and say you need cleared funds before you ship.
      Take a cheque and make sure it clears before you send. If they are local maybe cash on delivery if you take the goods to them, you could do a bank transfer or if you have your own credit card machine take payment that way.

      If you want to do wholesale it is no different to retail in payment terms in that you can get the money first. Always state invoices are pro forma when people make enquieries. Meaning they pay before you ship.

      If you are dealing with a multi national company they might expect at least a 30 day account but i suspect they are just a local firm so no terms needed.

      Only one more thought: are you a hobby crafter or do you have a company set up?

      Hope this helps

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        It's not because they are local that you should trust them outright. I'd tell them it's money upfront for the first lot then (up to you) 7 or 14 days. They probably expect to pay on invoice. You should dictate the terms.
        Most wholesalers I deal with want money upfront with every order.
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          You want the money on delivery, dont be tempted by a big order, its worthless if you end up not getting paid, wholesalers are bad for running on credit.
          If you have just started just explain that you havent the credit facilaties to wait for payment, you dont want to get into the position of waiting 6 months for your money.
          Lots of small firms have been delighted to get a contract with the big supermarkets, only to wait 18 months for payment, often going bust in the meantime


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            I find most shops are happy to pay upfront, especially if you stress that you are a small business. I tend to tell my wholesale customers that after the 3rd order they can have a 30 day account, that gives you time to build up a relationship with them.

            When i am selling to a local shop, i do always deliver the order after making a time with them, so i can collect the cheque then and there.


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              Sounds like youve got the situation under control, just remember a cheque is only a worthless bit of paper untill its cleared.
              Sorry didnt mean to sound patronising! Just fed up with seeing people getting ripped off


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                Hey urbtaf,
                Don't worry there's no way the items would leave my house till the cheque had cleared.

                *still waiting for cheque*

                Thankfully have a few orders to process in the meantime



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                  It does sound as if they were after something for nothing. A lot of firms prey on small makers, usually after sale or return.
                  I would put them out of your mind, if they send a cheque then great, tell them they will have to wait for you to build up your stock as they took so long. After youve cashed it of course


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                    Hello all,
                    This is my first post!
                    I know this is probably a bit out of date now but I order a lot of stock from small businesses. I expect to pay upfront if someone is making the products for me. I deal with 15 suppliers and they all work this way. One actually asks for half up front and the other half on completion of the order, but I still pay her in full at the beginning - it's only fair.
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