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  • Teaching your craft

    Just curious - Do any of you teach your craft?

    If yes, do you teach privately or through colleges etc? If not, what has stopped you? (money, time, confidence, skill level, not interested).

    I just wondered how many people here supplement their 'craft fair' income with teaching as well and thought others might be interested in finding out what we all do with our 'crafty time'.

    To start off - I am just getting back into doing craft fairs after a loooong break and am very rusty, however I have been teaching crafts for over ten years to all ages and absolutely love it. The credit crunch is beginning to bite though!

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    I teach on a volunteer basis to Elderly people in a day centre - I get pleasure but no financial reward for it.
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      I have done some card making classes to raise money for church, but nothing for myself, I know the people from church, but I couldn't do it in front of strangers!
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        We have a girl that helps us on the stall and between us, OH and I have been teaching her how to make jewellery but its just on a personal level. I've also shown a class of teenagers at my niece's school how to make earrings when they had to come up with an idea to spend £10 outlay and make some profit.

        I've never really thought about making any money out of it.

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          I don't teach my craft and don't think I would ever have the self confidence to do so. That said, I would love more people to be interested in Machine Knitting.


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            I had mentioned this to a couple of my friends, and they absolutely do not want to teach. They sell their jewellery and they'd rather people buy their jewellery than learn how to make it themselves

            I taught a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Since I don't wear much jewellery it gave me a purpose to make a piece.

            If you're doing it yourself, as a hobby to fund your supplies, you still have to think on how to advertise it, consider renting a room in a church hall, consider having public liability insurance (for peace of mind), etc. It becomes a business... But don't let that stop you, I found it really rewarding.
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              Hi Ashbee, I would love to teach but my confidence is not too good, i just would not know were to begin !! I love sharing my skills and meeting new people who have the same intrests.

              But hey who know wot the future holds!!!


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                Teaching your craft

                Thanks for your replies, I just assumed that most of you would be doing some kind of demonstrating/teaching. Shows what I know!!

                It is good exposure for handing out business cards and leaflets and can pay just travel and supplies expenses (via WI or local community events) or from about £25 hr if through the local authority (school workshops, adult learning etc). Great for networking locally as well.

                I know someone who took part in the local Arts week and got her stuff in a local gallery plus two invites to local shows and a display in the local library. Not bad for opening up her 'studio' at home!

                "You only retire when you stop doing something you don't like and start doing something you do..."


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                  I've done the odd one off thing - like a little workshop for a local group, but these are few and far between. I get no financial gain from it, it just gets me out of the house for an hour or two. I haven't done anything like that for a little while now though. There are loads of quilling workshops around, and I am unable to commit to anything long termish. There are some crafty evening classes here where I live, I think the local council prefer people to have some sort of teaching experience/qualification first as they are the ones it is organised through.
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                    I usually teach on a 1-1 basis but i have an all day workshop at the end of the month !! I have trained as teaching assistant so this helps as well
                    I did do workshops / displays before when i had the the florists and loved it !!
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                      I hold teaching certificates in most of what I do and more but did not really enjoy this side of it. Also have an adult teaching certificates from the local college but again have not pursued this side. My Mother was a teacher for most of her life I think you have to be motivated towards this profession, like nursing etc and I wasn't.


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                        The idea is an appealing one, but as a card maker the cost of doing it would be too high - for equipment and supplies for example.

                        I struggle as it is to justify the expenditure on many things I lust after (I don't have the need for a huge number of cards for personal use).. Plus there are two local(ish) craft shops here, both running weekly clubs and one off events.. they of course have the benefit of stock on hand, and wholesale prices.

                        My o/h works as the manager of a care home and they have "the crafty ladies" who come in and teach the residents - I gather it's just a couple of local ladies who wanted an opportunity to share.