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    Just wondering how easy it is to get a trade card from country baskets, has anyone ever used them before?

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon
    Lucy Ward
    The Little Kettle Company

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    You can get a day pass as a one off visit to go in and have a look and see what you think but you do need to apply through a legit company on their letterhead to get a card.

    The prices are excluding vat, so you need to remember to add that on.

    The prices are ok,sometimes you can get a really good bargain but it's just luck when you go in.

    I've found recently that you can get similarly priced stuff in shops now though ie Tesco, Poundshops, The Works for a lot of crafting stuff.

    Let me know if you need any more info



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      I have had a trade card for three or fours years. I think all I had to do was complete the application form and show them a utility bill addressed to my business. I think I took along a couple of invoices from other places I had ordered from just to be on the safe side as I am a sole trader and use my own name. I didn't have any trouble and once I had completed the paperwork I could go shopping straight away, which is good because my nearest one is an hour and a half's drive from where I live.

      They do have a web site now and you can download the application form and get other information from here



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        I've had a trade card for about 2 years, all I did was give them one of my business cards that I print myself and my driving license and got a card that day and went shopping, you can get some really good bargains, but as at any shop you might not be able to get exactly the same as you got on your last visit.