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Happy Sunday afternoon

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  • Happy Sunday afternoon

    Good afternoon everyone

    Well where has the week gone, doesn't seem possible i was writing on here a week ago saying about my card sale and now a week later, but my what a week i have had.

    I had dr on Mon, out for a meal with a friend on Tues, up in London for a meeting on Wed, on Thurs i had my MRI scan (on my hips, results in 2 week's time), Fri went to my parent's friend for a meal & a crafty evening, y'day i was in Dartford seeing 'Joseph' as theatre is my other hobby & today..............well popped down into our town centre to go to M&S & Boots - this was @ 10am, neither opened before 10.30 so went into Tesco & then after that the other 2 shops still weren't open but got there in the end. Then got called into work for an hour and i have just got in from a hospital visit.

    Can next week be any no cos tomorrow i have dentist and Wed i have drs again after having blood tests last week and on Sat i have a table top sale.

    I want to do some crafting...............................

    Catch you later

    Christine xx

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    I know how you feel!
    A week off work to make up stock for fairs, worked in the craft shop Saturday and Sunday, Monday I had a staff meeting at the new nursery I am going to start at, Tuesday I was up at church making cards for them to sell, Wednesday I went walking at Malham, Thursday I had to take my sister shopping for school clothes and shoes, Friday I spent catching up on housework, Saturday I went to two craft fairs and then to my cousins 18th party, and finally today I was working in the craft shop again.
    I have tomorrow off too so maybe I'll get something made then.....maybe!

    So please if you notice me posting on here tomorrow daytime, feel free to tell me off
    MISI -


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      You might be short on crafting time but you are not short on energy. Your feet don't seem to have touched the floor for days. Better luck with this week and I hope your scan turns out OK.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        I'm glad its not just me that hasn't done any crafting this week! Selina


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          There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment... I don't seem to stop at the moment but yet don't seem to be getting much done. Here's hoping this week is a bit more productive!!!


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            I don't work and I don't know were the day goes. I have been crafting for the past 3 days as I have my second fair on Saturday. I am very knew to making my own cards and gift boxes. I have thrown so many cards away due to silly mistakes, please tell me I'm not the only one. I had hoped to be starting to make my gift boxes by now but no I am still doing boxed christmas card's. The ironing has turned into a mountain, washing is even bigger,well the bathrooms, I am ashamed. I realy should'nt be on this but what the heck.