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Has anyone else been in this position?

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  • Has anyone else been in this position?

    Due to the crunch I had to close my shop down in August, so I invested in a market stall and now trade in 2 towns 3 times a week, business is a lot better than the shop because it is a busier place although October has been a bit slow. (Well a lot slow) Although the market is massive hard work in setting it up etc and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr freeeeeeeezing, but less overheads I wouldn't swap it for a shop again.

    Has anyone else been in this position and what are your views if you have?

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    I havn't been in your position, but wanted to wish you good luck and send you some warm thoughts!

    There is absolutely no way you would catch me spending any time outside, from now, until further notice


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      I worked the markets for many years - you are right, it is hard, cold and uncomfortable but I loved every minute of it. Real market traders are like a big family - or used to be. Lovely people. Always ready to help out.
      If you get a pallet to stand on instead of the concrete or tarmac it helps your feet. I never had a cold in all the years I worked them, very heaalthy.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Hi Michelle,
        Sorry to hear about your shop, that must've been tough to give up. Sound like you need to get yourself some thermals! I'm cold sitting indoors so I don't envy you!
        Good luck with the stall anyway,


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          You'll be looking for a crafter who makes thermals then?

          Well done! 10/10 for persistence!



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            I've not been in your position either but just wanted to say good luck for the market stall. I hope you don't get too cold. Primark sell some awesome thermal leggings and long sleeved tops which are very warming. I bet it'll do really well coming up to Christmas.

            Helen x

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              Thanks for all your words of encouragement and help re the cold. yesterday I bought thermals for arctic conditions, I wear 2 pairs of gloves and about 10 layers but still frozen. Standing on a small piece of carpet helps my feet. Roll on summer, I am dreading Jan and feb.


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                My hubby bought me a heated waistcoat for my wedding anniversary last year. sooo romantic it's in the middle of summer.. fab pressie really as I am a Lollipop lady and it really keeps me toasty. they even do heated gloves
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                  OOOO where did he buy the waistcoat from Please?


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                    He got mine on ebay but Maplins have a range of heated stuff. must say though that it does use up batteries fast. I do only put it on for 10-15 mins at a time to eaack the batteries out.
                    "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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                      Thanks goldy, brilliant i'll give it a go


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                        It's worth investing in rechargeable batteries too.
                        "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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                          Oh no! I'm sory to hear about your shop!
                          I can imagine why a market place could be better than a shop, with there always being somebody to talk to, a bigger range of customers, the atmosphere, not having to vac up everyday lol
                          I hope you've got a wooly hat?! The only thing worse than cold ears is a cold nose, but there's not many options to keep noses warm!
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                            Hi Jangle. We also do the markets 3 days a week. On wed I was wearing:-

                            thermal long johns
                            long sleeve thermal t-shirt
                            long sleeve normal t-shirt
                            lambswool polo neck jumper
                            hooded fleece jacket
                            mitchelin man style padded coat
                            heavy weight jeans
                            2 pairs socks - one knee length and one thermal
                            thermal insoles inside boots
                            fur lined moon boots
                            Edna (from Emerdale) style hat (they're the only style hat that suit me)
                            gloves that reach half way up to my elbow
                            big shawl-type scarf wrapped around my neck and tucked into my coat

                            Have to say I was lovely and warm except for my hands - the only problems I encountered was going to the loo (cos it takes absolutely ages to undress and then get dressed again!) and I kept knocking things off the stall cos I was just soooooo huge with all those layers.

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                              Hi Auntynet

                              Yes tonight I have been collecting all those items you have mentioned out of my wardrobe, plus yesterday i bought loads of thermals. I will certainly be looking into the heated garments as suggested by some of the other crafter's on here thankfully. Like you my hands suffer the most. Oh i also have a neck warmer and magic scarf and anything else going lol.. Good Luck to us