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  • Pricing

    How much do you charge for a basic card at small charity/vilage hall fairs. Also do you have jusy christmas cards or have a wide range 0f cards

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    You really need to price your cards according to the materials you use and the time it takes you to make them. It would be difficult for someone to tell you to charge £3.50 for a card when the materials cost alone may have come to more than that. The whole idea of making cards is to make some money.


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      I usually add up all costs and then double it on cards, I think it would be good to have a few bits from other ranges, but as the time draws nearer to the christmas cards sell well.


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        Ho I usually have a 'absolutely wont bother selling any card for less than' which is currently £1.50,most of my cards are around that but the materials/time on those are negligible.if they are much more time consuming or larger eg a 7x5 I usually get more than 2 quid for them without trying. It is sooo hard knowing how much to sell for, I find that if they are noticeable enough people are more than happy to pay that extra bit for them as they are giving something that bit different to the high street tat of 50 cards for a quid or whatever
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          Thank you ladies for your help. I have my first "Fair" on the 8th November so wish me luck.


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            The problem with pricing, whether for fairs or online sales, is that some people simply want to finance a hobby and others are needing a business income and must add in labour costs; consequently there can be quite a difference in the price of similar goods.

            You also need to consider whether you would like to sell wholesale to craftshops etc. - in which case you certainly need to pay yourself an hourly rate so that you can have a much lower price for bulk purchases.

            Wishing you luck with your first fair!
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