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  • How to take a good picture

    Please someone help!

    I have always been able to take good pictures of my projects using my trusty digital camera but lately they have been coming out blurred,quite dark or just plain wrong.

    I know it's not the easiest thing to advise on but ANY help will be greatly appreciated!

    I want to upload some pics of my new projects but I don't see the point if I can't get a decent picture.

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    Hi Emma.

    One of the forum members is a professional photographer but he hasn't been around for a few months - where are you Ian?

    Check out this list of the posts he's made in the past. There's loads of advice here.

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      Right here goes (used to be my main occupation some years ago). Are you able to take any wide angle pics in focus e.g landscape type? Or is it just close up that is the problem?

      Could be that there is a clitch in the auto-focus system. If so - probably better replacing with a new one than repairing - cost wise.


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        If you are using your camera on an automatic setting your exposures could be slightly wrong which would cause muddy colours or a washed out look. If they are blurry or not well focused it could be that the light is not at a high enough level. To help with this problem you could try increasing the light around your product by using white card as a reflector. If you can put your camera on manual setting and use a tripod you could set your apertures high as possible to get more detail in focus. (F8 or above).
        If you aim for correct exposures, focus, composition and interesting lighting you should have good images.
        It really is worth experimenting with your camera on manual settings, if you take a few shots with different exposures you will see how much difference it can make. However watch out for camera shake in low level light. You can only hand-hold above one thirtieth of a second exposure.
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          I recently bought a Nikon D40, something that I have wanted for a long while and I am getting used to it, my issue is lighting. I don't have any fancy props to photograph my beading items, I just use a plain white tablecloth or some mulberry paper, but some tips on lighting would be appreciated. I do my best to use natural light, but with the weather turning, that isn't always going to be an option.