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  • who, what, how?

    is there a centre core ie group of people who use this site frequently, ie people who know everyone or is it just pretty random and diluted with new comers?

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    Ha,ha! I know what you mean. I have not yet been able to follow a thread in the group, they seem to keep disappearing to the bottom of the list and I trawl faithfully to the end to try to find the topics that I have been interested in.....perhaps its just me being daft.


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      You get the mods and MrM (the administrator) who run the place and keep all the spam away from the Forum. We're here regularly and there's usually at least one of us around. We are a small and committed band of merry mods.

      Then there are a large group of members who come here regularly... you can usually tell them by the number of posts and the green reputation cards on their name banner.

      And we get a large number of new recruits every day. Some come and stay over a long period of time, some pop in with a few specific questions to find answers for and don't visit again. The Forum has become a very valued resource for a lot of crafters.

      Take me, for example. I joined up as someone who did their crafting in their spare time and was considering doing a few craft fairs but needed a lot of advice. Since September last year, I've created my own website, done several craft fairs, registered as self-employed, organised public liability insurance etc and have been contacted by a publisher to write a book on my crafts after they saw my work on Flickr. I've made a fair amount of sales which have kept me in materials (rather than making a profit as such!) and I've made a good few friends on here. Plus I got promoted to a moderator on here when they realised that they couldn't shut me up any other way.

      Does that answer your question or am I rambling?

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        We are a real mix on this forum. Some poeple have been here ages and others only a few weeks or hours. We pride ourselves on being a friendly forum with no cliques or sub groups. Just join in and don't be shy. no one is allowed to bully etc on here.
        We have a huge number of people who log on every day, some post others just read.

        a good way to see what's new is to use the button on the top bar "new posts" that will show you all the posts since you last logged in.

        Any problems then pm a mod. we are the ones with green names.

        Enjoy your time on the forum
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          Si said it better than me!
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            thanks everyone.. all most helpful


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              I stumbled across this forum a while ago but just lurked because I'm a bit wary (can't stand bullying etc!) I only poked my head in the other day and now they can't shut me up - I'll get barred next for jabbering too much! I always go straight to *new posts* when I log in because it's so much easier.

              Gail x

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                Just one warning... it gets addictive, I have had so much helpful advise since I have been a part of the forum...I cant keep away! lol


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                  I'm just a bog standard member with no aspirations to become anying else. I have learnt such a lot since joining - not only about crafts but using the computer too as I am very unsure when called upon to do something different. There is also the fact that my advancing years helps me to offer some small pieces of advice occasionally.
                  God helps them that help themselves.


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                    Theres a good mix on here, some make a living from their craft some do it for fun,
                    And it doesnt matter which you are, we can all learn from each other, so please anybody dont be afraid to ask, or answer
                    The only bullying is when someone sneaks onto the forum with a hidden motive, then the mods sort it, MAX and PADDY style
                    Well not really, Peter tells them to go away


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                      I wondered along the same lines recently, I was thinking I'll never get to know everyone on here as there's so many people posting but that's a really good thing I think as on some forums it can tend to be the same ones all the time who post and it gets pretty boring but on here there's such a variety of posters which makes for interesting and at times amusing reading