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  • OK...anyone help?

    Right, this is going to be a long one I think!!!
    As of beginning of Aug I have been out of a job. I quit it because they wouldn't let me take my holiday, sounds silly I know but I hadn't seen my great grandad for 2 years and I didn't want to risk not seeing him this year too, in case something happened to him... anyways so I left. So because I left of my own will, I can't claim Jobseekers. Which is poo, but fair enough, I did quit!!! I'm living with my boyfriend so he's paying for everything whilst I'm jobless. It's really hard to find a job though, especially at the mo, but we live in a studenty town so all the students have took all the jobs!
    I've been making candles and cards for about 2 years now but I really want to do it full time. I just don't have the money behind it for starting up though. I was just wondering, what did all you lot do to start up? And what's all the paperwork involve? Is it hard? Cos even if I had the money, I've no idea where I would even start! I have got a website but I haven't sold anything yet
    If I wanted to set up properly and just sell and make candles instead of working in a shop or something, what've I gotta do?????
    Thanks x
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    Hello Cathy,

    There's lots of things you can / need to do before setting up your business. The most important thing I would say is to get your name out there so that you gain a reputation and people will want to buy your products. A good way to do this is having a blog online, these are free to set up and a good way of advertising your products. In addition, have you tried selling at craft fairs / private parties etc. - there's lots going on at this time of year and you pay a certain amount to have a table but will hopefully you will make some profit on top. It's also a good idea to get some flyers / business cards made so that shoppers will see your website details and visit u online!!

    If you are becoming self employed you also need to register with the inland revenue - just google the 'helpline for newly self employed'

    You couldn't be starting at a better time of year! Good luck! Let me know how you get on


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      Good advice above I'd also add you should get an appointment with your local Business Link adviser (just google it and you should find contact details) as they should be able to tell you about any grants you might be able to apply for. Also if you're under 30 contact the Prince's Trust as they definitely have grants and loans you can apply for

      Living in a studenty area might work to your advantage as most Student Unions have weekly 'markets' and I'd imagine candles would be popular with students (always were when I was at uni).

      Good luck
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        And when you have your blog you can submit items on Craft Juice (link in my sig) and that is free and will also help with getting your name out there!

        Good luck!!


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          i read a post like this this morning, candlesbylisa had mentioned there has to be a lot of legalities before you can sell to public, to make sure yoru candles dont explode, catch fire (more than meant to) etc. Good lkuck.


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            OK, thanks for all the above, if I do craft fairs etc do I have to have insurance or anything? And anything I make do I have to like declare it and stuff? I've no idea! I'm doing a 'proper present party' at a school in November, see. Thanks x
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