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At long last. We launch next week

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  • At long last. We launch next week

    Hi everyone. Anyone who has been following the saga of our new product ( which I would imagine is very few) will be non-plussed to find out that we should be ready to go about the middle of next week. Its taken ages to set up, but hopefully the final piece has been put in place ( a bank account for the PayPal) and the website should be able to go the middle of next week. As I am on holiday next week, I will take this oppurtunity to spill the beans and hopefully take my place with all you crafters.
    The premise is a Glow-In-The-Dark hanging mobile decoration. This one differs from all the others by having no batteries, paint,electric lead etc, but only needs a 15min burst of white light to give 8 hours of glow.
    Unlike most other, this actually stays bright enough to see for 8 hours enough to allow any children ( or adults) afraid of the dark to go off with a pleasant green glow, and if they wake, it will still be there to banish those night time shadows.
    They come with beads attached to make them more appealing in daylight and can have your own birthstone fitted to make them really personal. They will continue to perform like this for at least 10 years.
    Enough of the sales pitch, sorry, but I am very excited as it is the first go at our own product.
    If this may be of interest to anyone, the website will be However, it won't be on line to the middle of next week.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to see some of around the SE craft fairs in the near future Real Glow-In-The-Dark decorations

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    Glad to hear you're finally ready to launch, it sounds like a really clever idea and I'm looking forward to having a look at your website.

    All the best with it
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      I'll stroll on by your website one day and have a look.
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        Ah all the plastic questions become clear now - good luck and look forward to seeing your mobiles and your website.



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          Well done on being at the launch stage, I'm really looking forward to seeing the product so will be watching out for your website 'going live'

          Good luck

          Laura x


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            Good luck with the launch...........................still sounds like a coat hanger.


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              Good luck with everything... Think this is one we will see in the Dragons Den tv show soon enough...great idea..
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                Ummmm Glow in the dark coathangers. You could have something there!!! (still no smilies from me... must resist the temptation). Thanks for everyones kind messages
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                  oh go on give us a smile lol


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                    ooh that's a good idea, I think you'll tap into a new market of mums-with-scared-of-the-dark-kiddies!

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                      Fantastic idea!!!

                      Good luck x
                      Ren x
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                        Well done and loads of good luck.

                        Can't wait to see them

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                          Thank you or all your kind best wishes. Just hope that the Glowbiles live up to expectations. I know they work because, much to my wifes shagrain, I have various prototypes hanging up in my bedroom. As these go back 2 years, you may appreciate, thats quite a few.
                          Cheers everyone
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                            I know this saga is actually over now, but I'm wondering why this needed testing by the British Standards people. Given that by definition, a mobile has to hang up in free space, surely well out of reach, why do placcy shapes strung up on wire need British Standards testing, rather than a tag that says "keep out of reach of children"? Does anyone know?

                            The mobiles are a nice idea, though - although I agree with Peter about the not-really-a-craft bit... it's a small business using injection moulding to make a product, rather than handcrafting skill. Nothing wrong with that, but not really crafts... a bit like T-shirt transfer pressing, or that fully-automated knitting, embroidery or quilting.

                            Mind you, I might even knock up a couple of of these myself - I'm thinking of pound-shop glow-in-the-dark placcy shapes and some stiff wire (coathanger wire should do, if I can't find any really thin stuff that's stiff... or garden-sticks, or maybe those thin wooden BBQ skewers) and some strong thread (that "invisible" thin nylon fishing-line stuff ought to work) for my niece & nephew...
                            I've seen those glowy shapes in stars & moons, dolphins & astronauts which should let me make a girly one and a boyish one. I reckon it should take about an hour and cost a couple of quid or so to make them, and have enough stuff left for several more!

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                              ...............and on that note we shall end.