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    Ok I am now hooked on the shrink paper as sold by crafty computer papers. especially as it has helped us raise £197-65 for our charity the last weekend,,,what i did need was a supplier of those small brooch pins that every one has these days. INot only for the brooches but also for earing fittings and was i lucky,,
    there is a company called
    HA lightfittings LTD they are based in Birmingham Uk and their phone number is 0121 555 8395. Phone them up and ask for their catalogue.
    the lady who answeres you is so helpfull and this small company deserve the cutomers. They supply the items in small amounts but lets get things straight this is direct and no middle man,, so 100 sets of pins and backings will give you change from £3-00. stop and think a minute,
    you can print off at least ten small pictures sized aprox 2 inch square onto the shrink paper,, the pics could be your pet. a child (ie grand child )a motorbike or in fact any thing you wish,, use the scrap to write a slogan on useing OHP pens, follow instructions and then glue the shrunken plastic pics onto the pin heads,,,
    Bag and sell for 75p -- £1-00 each,,, now at the great cost of £1-50 aprox per sheet that to my mind gives a nice healthy profit,,,
    this company also sell hairslides and tye pins and a nuber of other items tha twould be so usefull to a crafter,,
    Just one thing , if you do decide to conntact the firm could you please mention the name of Droitwich Ferret welfare. I am so pleased with the company that i would buy it if i could,,,Annie
    No dogs allowed? then walk a ferret.

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    Annie thats great...

    I still love your site...
    I'll be driving past Droitwich tomorow so i'll wave... :-)

    Has the company in birmingham got a website ?
    If so post it up so others can click away....


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