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Need your help - presentation albums

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  • Need your help - presentation albums

    I'm looking for a Presentation Album to put my wedding stationery in to display the designs I create. The regular photo/wedding albums are too thin at the closed side (if you know what I mean) so when I put the cards in the pockets, the album flops open because of the embellishments on some of the designs. I'm looking for something that I can put the cards in that will stay closed and tidy-looking.

    Can anyone help?


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    Morning Pagan

    I think you would be better off with one of the American scrapbooking albums, they have crews and the spine which you can extend to hold thicker items try Memory Creations there are several more just google scrapbooking.

    I got several of mine through create and craft and QVC when they had offers on so might also be worth a look sometimes thier offers are too good to miss.


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      Thanks Caroline, will go and have a looksee

      A mind is like a only functions when open


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        I could make you a wooden one, if you'd like? It could be as thick as you like, as it works with brass bookbinders up to 1.5" tall, and you could pack the binders out to the right height, too...

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          The kind you are looking for.


          Being an ex bookbinder I thought I might contribute something.

          The kind of album being reccomended is what I would call a Post Album.

          Brass screws and variably sized posts, pierce the side of the album near the spine.

          This type of album is in effect of variable thickness and can accomodate the sorts of things that scrapbookers might think of mounting on the pages.

          Yes, a post album is what you are looking for.

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