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Has anyone got an EBAY SHOP??

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  • Has anyone got an EBAY SHOP??

    Hi there everybody,

    Just wondered if anybody had their own ebay shop?

    I was thinking of setting one up just wondered if anyone already had one and would recommend it or not????

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    Yes I would recommend!


    If you are thinking of starting an ebay shop I would suggest first try and sell on the auction - you dont need to open a shop yet.

    I sell on ebay and you get a wide market .




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      I've got an ebay shop and i think it's worth it. I started selling on ebay and did quite well so i opened a basic shop which costs £6 a month. It only costs 3p to list an item in your shop for 30 days which is reasonable.

      I find when someone buys jewellery from me they sometimes browse about my shop and buy more stuff.


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        Hi Jenny

        Did you start selling on ebay? I've had a shop for well over a year. If people like what you sell and the customer service is good, they'll come back. I have a lot of repeat customers.

        However it also depends on what you sell. Check if your items are already being sold and compare prices.

        Good luck! Ebay is fun!

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          Did any of you guys experience problems with suppliers ? We have found a lot of craft wholesalers will not deal with our purely because we are currently paypal only because of its accociation with eBay - Even though we are not an eBay shop.

          We have slowly got them around to our side but we had to fight all the way.
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            I have just opened a basic Ebay shop and sales have been ok.

            About the use of Paypal.. I use it for payment on my websites and some people don't like using it and some do. I have accepted cheques from customers if they really didn't want to use it but I just made them aware that their orders wouldn't be dispatched till the cheque cleared.
            I have to say that I haven't really had any problems wiyh Paypal, perhaps I shouldn't tempt fate! but then I have no idea how many potential customers were put off when they saw it and just didn't buy...
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              Hey Jen, I just realised that you are from my home town..good old Tamworth!
              I have lived in Newcastle for 14 years but my parents are still there so I get back every now and again..
              My Mom is a big card maker so I will make sure I pass on your website address to her..she likes to buy from local suppliers.
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              my blog (updated 09/06/10)
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                ebay shop

                i think it is worth to open a shop in ebay.
                Hope you good luck!

                major in producing antique wood/metal handicrafts.


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                  i was about to ask the same question as to opening a shop on e-bay, but you all have answered the question i was pondering, think ill try test the water first on a normal listing , see how it goes then maybe move on to a shop.
                  thanks for the advice,..


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                    I have one too, I would recommend


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                      ebay shop

                      Hi Ebay is such a good market place I have also got a basic shop and I do alright out of it - There are many good ways of saving a bit on the listing and picture fees - it would certainly be worth your while to do a bit of research with our friend google.

                      Wishing you every sucess



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                        This is a very old thread from 2006 - please look at the date first before reviving an old thread - no doubt they have opened an ebay shop now!