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    I am having a nightmare at the moment trying to decide which is the best way to sell my items online, do i go down the route of having my own website, ebay shop or a website such as Etsy?

    Does anyone have any good suggestions as I don't want to spending lots of time and money on the wrong selling tool?

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon

    Lucy Ward
    The Little Kettle Company

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    Hi I have done ETSY, Dawanda, Ebay shop and Folksy. I perhaps did not give it long enough about 6 months but did not sell ant any, apart from used products on Ebay. I know others have been more succesful. I have now got my own website at least this way I feel that IO have more control and it is down to me to advertise in as many ways as possible. Logos on envelopes for anything, you never know who might see it. I have also done a mailshot to my firneds and family so that they can have a look.
    Make sure all your products have your compnay name and website on them somewhere, swing tags etc, you never know the reciepient of the gift may like it so much they come back for more.

    Good Luck with whatever option you choose.


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      Have you heard of folksy it is new but looks promising !!
      I think there are good and bad points to etsy things seem to get lost in there but if you list regularly you stand a better chance of selling things and it is cheap .
      Ebay is hit and miss ... i did well with my ebay shop but costs make it nightmare now and i am planning to close my ebay shop soon !!

      I think you have to work out what market you are aiming for ! How much time you have believe me juggling 3 shops is hard work !

      Good luck with it all
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        I'm going down the route of my own website, plus daWanda (as it's free to list so might as well!) and doing a bit on etsy. Debating about some of the others like folksy. My aim with these is really to try and rive traffic to my own site and raise my listings with things like google. I did have an ebay shop but the costs are now HUGE!! But if you look back at previous threads you'll get my feelings on ebay! Do look back at previous threads though - we've all discussed this subject many times!

        And if you find the magic way of foolproof selling - let us all know and we'll be very rich!

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          Good ideas!

          Thanks again guys for the advise, what I really want is when I give business cards out for people to go onto a web page and see a shop of what I sell so they can purchase these items online as well as through a craft fair.

          Does folksy charge a selling fee and a listing fee etc like etsy?

          Many thanks

          Lucy Ward
          The Little Kettle Company


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            I have been giving Ebay a miss since they started their new buying system it is so much harder to get a decent price for your items, and as for trying to buy any thing unless you are buying off an ebay shop or "buy it now" I dont even bother bidding because unless you pay extra for the bidder service forget it


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              I have to say that I really reseached this very topic for a long time before I decided to set up my own website and it's has been the best option for me. I think that shopper on ebay, etsy etc expect to get handcrafts for next to nothing and I think we all spend too much time, money and efforts on our crafts to make nothing on them.

              Have you had a look at ? My friend has a shop there and it's so different to any of the other sites, much more up market and more artisan crafts than anything else. She sells jewellery and does very well there.

              Good luck with your decision



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                In addition to my own website I have shops in etsy and folksy, but tend to think of them more as shop windows to drive traffic to my own site. They're very cheap to list on, look good, but in order to keep your items visible (on etsy at least) you have to relist frequently (paying each time) which will of course cut into your profits. Then again, I'm speaking from a jewellery perspective so a less competitive area may be less swamped!

                I'd recommend you buy your domain name, and set up an etsy and/or Folksy shop to list on whilst you build your own website. Then you can get all your promotional material (business cards etc) printed with your own name on it, but whilst you build your own site you can redirect visitors to (or whatever you choose to call it) to your etsy/folksy shop so they can still buy. Hope that makes sense! Good luck!
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                  as far as i know, etsy and ebay are most famous, but fees are ........ I have only some e-stores
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                    HI Has anybody had much success on I have recently joined and put some items up for auction. I have had no sales yet, but seem to be getting more views then I did on e-bay.

                    The difference with e-bid, is that it is much cheaper. At the basic level there are no charges unless something sells, and then it is only 3%



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                      I use ebid
                      It is slow, but i'm getting there..., I now have 12 feedback which helps
                      as with everything with ebid you have to work at promoting - especially so as not many have heard of ebid.
                      I think it is getting better though - especially since ebay and all those fees.
                      The Final value fee at ebid is 2% - much better than ebay's 9.9%!
                      And you have more payment options, you don't have to use paypal you can use google checkout aswell
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