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What printer should I use????

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  • What printer should I use????

    Hi all

    I am new to the forum and I was hoping I could draw on some of your experiences for help!

    I am making my own invites for my wedding, and I also intend to do the similar for friends and family.

    Can I ask people what printer they use for printing invites inserts??

    I am buying a new printer so want to make the right choice. I am unsure even what the differences are between laser and inkjet!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    The type of printer you get could also be affected by the type of paper/card you use because certain printers will not print on certain types of card/paper

    It may be an idea to get some of the card you are going to use and then go to wherever your buying your printer from and have them test print on it to see if it runs or whatever.

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      I've found that printers with a top feed tray are better as the more compact printers tend to curl the paper around inside the machine before it comes out and you could get smudging (hope that makes sense).

      Where are you buying your stock from? If you let me know what you need i'll be happy to quote.


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        Thanks for the help!!

        I plan to just print my inserts on ivory paper and mount onto card, so hopefully it won't be too difficult. I just want a printer that prints very clearly onto paper as the printer I have isn't very good.

        Jacksonhen I have most of the items I need. The only thing that I am still trying to source is Diamante buckles, which I am finding hard to get at a reasonable price. I know they are quite expensive, but trying to find the cheapest I can!!


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          If you're printing on paper first then at least you don't have the problem of the printer not feeding the card through properly so that's a massive plus. We have an Epsom which uses waterproof ink and have to admit it's the best we've had so far - and love the waterproof ink, no more smudging. It might be an idea to go on a computing based forum to ask as you'll probably get a far more informed response (not implying they'll be computer geeks or anything ) also some of the consumer sites have reviews of different printers which might help too.

          As for the diamonte buckles, some companies sell plastic versions which are far cheaper but I don't think you'll be able to get the good quality ones too cheap unfortunately. If you're looking for a large quantity it could be worth contacting companies to ask if they'll do a quantity discount - I know we always do if someone asks.

          Oh and nearly forgot - Congrats on your forthcoming wedding, what date next year is the big day?
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            Thanks nattynetty

            Getting married in August next year so trying to get everything sorted to make things easier for myself!!

            I know that it will be hard to get the diamante buckles cheap, just like to get some sort of discount of them so I'll try contacting them to see if they can do them cheaper. I'm looking for over 100 of them so hopefully someone can help!

            Thanks for the printer advice - I will have a look at the Epson one.

            If anyone else has a printer that they use that they think is good, let me know!



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              I always had Epsons and, when my last one died on me, I searched quite a few forums for info on printers - and I mean quite a few, I was on the web for hours!

              I eventually chose the Canon Pixma MP610, based on the fact that I found no valid negative comments about it. It does everything my Epson did and more. The photo quality is excellent, the ink seems to go a long way and the chip can be transferred to compatibles.

              This was personal choice of course. Search the printer forums and make up your own mind. When you have decided, shop around and you'll find you can save £££s on the RRP.

              Hope you find one that suits you.


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                Printers are quite personal have used HP when I worked, always having problems, use an Epson at home and touch wood have found it fine. My sister and BIL use HP and they are fine, see what I mean?
                I did a search first then read the reviews, this gives you an insight as to the general opinion of users.


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                  Hi Bridetobe09

                  You basically have 2 options laser or inkjet. laser is cheaper to run at high volume output and used toner cartridges with particles in, that burn on the paper to form your text. Laser printers are quieter, less problems occur with them and print faster. Inkjet printers on the other hand leak ink from time to time, ink cartridges are much more expensive and they are noisy and slower.
                  Which one should you go for to print invites/place holders etc? Inkjet.

                  1. inkjet printers have a sliding page size selector which isnt quite the same on a laser printer. It alows you to feed tiny pieces for card i.e. table place holders through the printer.(small paper in laser printers just drift all over the place).
                  2. Inkjet printers are straight feed and the paper passes through one set of rollers and out. This allows you to put a higher gsm (thicker card) paper through the feeder. Laser printers just jam when you try to use too thick a card.
                  3. If the card is thick you can give a little assistance to a inkjet printer i.e. gently push it through untill it bites.
                  4. Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy and the whole purpose of making your own invites is to cut down on cost.

                  I use epson not because its the best printer, but because of the inks. Many of the other brands inks arent waterproof, which means if someone at the wedding spliis a drink, on the table or its raining when you hand deliver your invites and they get wet, goodbye print. With epson cartridges you just wipe the surface and its fine. Which printer to buy? pretty much any of the new epson printers will do the job, you dont need to buy an expensive one (look to see which has the best deals on cartridges). Also make sure you buy one with seperate black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridge as you will use quite a lot of black up and not so much of the rest. If you buy an all in one cartridge as soon as one colour goes, the whole cartridge has to be binned.
                  OOps turned from a reply into an eppic.

                  Hope it helps and I havent confused you too much.