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Web site builder..any ideas?

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  • Web site builder..any ideas?


    I wondered if anyone could recommend a UK based Online Web site builder That would :

    Have suitable templates for selling jewellery,
    Have reasonable yearly rates,(talking bargain)
    Allow transfer of a domain name,
    And where i could have an Online shop to sell to the UK.

    Ekk does thet sound too much to ask = )

    any help would be great!!!

    Susan xx

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    I think those of us that have web sites all like our own hosts for our own reasons, so a bit difficult to advise.

    My host is Easily they have templates and a website creator, charges vary according to what you opt for. I did not go with them for the web site creator but use Sandvox mainly because they were MAC compatable. I also use the paypal shopping cart and buy now buttons.

    Take a look by all means and hopefully others will also post links for you, best to look at what they all have to offer, make notes of costs etc then decide what is best for you.

    Good Luck


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      I looked for ages and finally made a choice. Take a look at my site,if you want, and at the bottom you will see where I got it. Not expensive, very easy to work with for someone like me with few web skills.

      Good luck making the choce that is right for you!

      Terry xx
      Terry xxx
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        Hi Susan

        I had my website done by they bought my name, host it for me, and never get tired of all my changes.! get them to quote you!!

        Hope this helps