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parcel deliveries for heavy items

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  • parcel deliveries for heavy items

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    Last edited by Ruth Moulds; 01-11-2016, 09:26 PM.

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    If you send heavy parcels regularly then Fastway are also worth looking at too. I used to use a few I found through ebay but most of them went bust...
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      Hi Ruth

      I used to use Parcel2go a lot but a glitch in their website charged me twice for a couple of orders and when I emailed to get the money back they never even bothered to respond!

      I've found interprcel were a bit cheaper for heavier items or for sending to Europe. Most courier charge a flat rate (£6.99 + VAT) for anything under 25K - there's some formula for working out the cubic volume but if the items are small and heavy - like garden gnomes or bath bomb kits you don't have to worry too much about the size.

      I'd recommend them just for their really easy tracking system too - you just click the link in the email- whereas with Parcel2go you have to type in a 16 digit's time consuming and irritating if you get it wrong.

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