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What packaging does everyone use?

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  • What packaging does everyone use?

    Hi guys

    I was just wondering what people use when they are at craft fairs to give customers for their goods, paper bags,plastic bags, boxes etc and whether you charge extra for putting small gifts in things like velvet pouches or organza bags?
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    I use the brown take away bags for most of my items

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      I use pillow boxes - sold as wedding favours - with a hologram flower or butterfly sticker on the front. They come flat so are easy to pack. I wrap things in a small square of tissue paper first. More expensive jewellery is put in an organza bag and then in the pillow box.
      I have a few 'proper' boxes and either charge £1 extra or add the price onto the item and include it 'free'.



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        I usually give customers a choice between an organza bag or recycled gift box from Tiny Box Co. I also have used silver pillow boxes in the past but do find the organza bags are the most popular for daintier items.
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          I use home printed pochettes for jewellery etc with tissue paper and paper carriers with the paper handles or bags, depending what I am selling. always put in a postcard size card with website etc for future reference.
          This year I am making and selling my own recycled bags with the company name embroidered on them. Not making a profit on these but they would be good advertising. Not large ones about 10 X 12.


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            I use organza bags for my jewellery items - I have had so many comments from customers saying they are really cute and they totally amazed that they are receiving such a wonderful little bag, and they cost pennies. I use pink ones as my logo is pink.

            Hi Caroline, I'm just looking into fabric bags with my company logo on (as most people are wanting to go 'green' these days). Do you also make your own embroidered logo? I would love to make my own bags, just don't have the time. I was thinking of buying the bags and then printing my logo onto transfer paper (the iron on type).
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              [quote=Caroleecrafts;123342]I use home printed pochettes for jewellery etc

              I'm not 100% sure what a pochette is I heard them mentioned on a tv craft program from what I could make out it is a pillow box with a posh sounding name


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                hi i think it depends on the style really but mainly paper bags or pouches are good


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                  I usually wrap stuff up in tissue with a funky sticker to seal it all up.

                  If people are buying big things or lots of things I have these huge paper bags stamped with my name and website that I sometimes give out.


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                    I sell big stuff, but have very little space to carrry tings, so I use placcy bags-on-a-roll if anyone asks for one. Due to the nature of the events, most people I sell to are "green" and don't want a bag...

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                      I wrap all my items in tissue and use a moo photo sticker to fasten it .
                      I then use paper bags or if its raining i use plastic carrier bags for obvious reasons
                      I tie a moo card on the paper bags as a tag for people to keep
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