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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry that I haven't been on here for a while a lot has happened in the past fortnight, not only have I had to do hospital visits since my Auntie had her fall - which in fact she is doing a lot better, but still not home yet at least to the weekend could be longer . – I have been working all hours and still coming to the terms that I now have osteoarthritis, it has hit me bad.

    However the thing that has kept me going is working on my brand new web site and thought if anyone would be interested in it.

    The site is and I am also (people permitting & I know a lot of you guys aren't in my area hence setting the site up as well) going to get a club up & running near to where I live.

    If you do live near me or don't mind travelling please drop me a line, would love to meet up with you.

    Catch you later


    PS This isn't a selling web site just an advert in case anyone thinks it is