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    I just wondered whether anyone asked for the bank card number on the back of cheques when selling an item? If this bank guarantees the cheque then do you still need to wait for the cheque to clear before sending the item since it should be bank guaranteed?
    Just wondered what people thought really
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    I find it is very rare now that someone wants to pay by cheque. If they do I always write card details and address on the back, it is expected by the customer and the bank too although most people are trustworthy in my experience.
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      I agree with Chris on this one. I've sold online for years and always posted on receipt of any cheque and not had one bounce . I rarely get paid by cheque now though
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        I cant remember the last time I used my cheque book other than sending off payments from home. I dont even bother taking it out with me as a lot of places dont take cheques now. I normally use switch or cash,


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          Originally posted by shiner View Post
          I dont even bother taking it out with me as a lot of places dont take cheques now.
          I do.


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            Im awaiting a cheque as I type.hadnt thought about info needed on the back.


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              If I remember rightly, and I'm happy to be corrected, the back of the cheque must be filled in by the receiver to be gauranteed.

              Some banks don't issue cheques with the bit on the back, Alliance and Leceister for one. Not sure where you stand for the cheque being gaurunteed in that case.

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                For a bank to guarantee a cheque you MUST have the following details written on the back:-

                Card number (this is the very long number across the card and not the small one near the bottom)
                Expiry date
                Issue number (if there is one)

                I'm not sure if you need the 3-digit security code from the back.

                You should also check the card you have been given is a cheque guarantee card cos some aren't.

                As an extra measure I ask for their address and I also ask if they've got some other form of ID with their address on (I sell face to face). No-one objects if they are genuine.

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                  Your right Sparklez the details on the back of the cheque need to be filled in by the receiver of the cheque for it to be guaranteed.

                  Therefore if you are accepting a cheque in the post I would wait for it to clear before sending the items.

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                    Funny enought I had a couple of cheques last week and for the life of me I couldn't remember what I needed to write on the back so I wrote it all
                    Ger xx

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                      Zebady, I take it you can just right the details in the back if it doesn't have the little form thing?

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                        Sparklez yes you can just write the details on the back. The box on the back was something some banks brought in but not all of them. As auntynet said as long as you have card number, expiry date and issue number you will be covered. I wouldn't like to comment on the 3 digit security code on the back, but it wasn't necessary when I came out of the bank 2 years ago.

                        Auntynet I would check with your bank to clarify (with 3 children under 5 my head is a bit frazzled at the best of times!) but I think you may find it is the small card number across the bottom that you need to write down.

                        The long number across the middle is used for maestro payments and is infact the bank sort code and customers account number prefixed by another 4 digit number depending on what card has been used. When you have a new card issued by the bank it is the card number on the bottom along with the issue number that changes, and this is what enables bank staff to identify the card.

                        Hope that makes sense.