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  • Walking card update

    Hi!! This is an update on my Walking Boots card for any of you who looked at it. Today was the day of the walk to celebrate Mikes 20 years of organising the walks. Yesterday I thought it might be cancelled because of the rain -but NO- it wqas going ahead no matter what! Up I got at 6.30 (middle of the night to me) and sorted myself out as Bob is away and he usually sorts the walking gear. Off I went at 8am as we are 30 miles away from where we meet. About 15 of us turned up so it was quite a good turn out. It was nice for me because my best friend and her hubby have decided to start walking so they came and that was lovely because I don't see them much now I have moved. The walk was in Mobberly - a lovely place. Mike knows the Pastor at the Chapel in Great Warford so he arranged a little service to mark the occasion. It is the smallest Church I have ever been in!!!!!! It is also probably the oldest Baptist Chapel in England that has been in continuous use since the 1600's!!!!! It was like a house from the outside- an old house - and half of it is the Chapel and the other half is a meeting room. The Chapel itself had six pews holing three people in each and there were a couple of other seats!!!! Dead tiny, honestly. Then we found it had a balcony, up a little flight of stairs and that seated about twelve people in two pews!!! Honestly, if you are anywhere near there go and have a look!!!!!! After the service one of the other walkers, Brian, had done a collection over the past couple of weeks from all of us and he gave him the money in an envelope and the card I had made. Everone had signed it and he was thrilled to bits with it. Everyone thought it was amazing which made me feel really good. They were all tickled pink with the little map I had attached to the card. I was so pleased because he is a lovely man and we had a lovely meal in a little pub - lovely food - and it didn't rain once. It was a brilliant day. When I got home I went and took Jack the dog ( from over the road) for his walk. I have just had a nice bath and am now going to put my feet up before I cook something for myself and then I will watch telly and make a couple of cards!! Lovely!!!!! Sue xxx

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    Sounds like a lovely day and so glad he loved the card - which of course we knew he would. Well done.