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Is anyone a Particraft Demonstrator?

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  • Is anyone a Particraft Demonstrator?


    I just wondered if anyone on here was a particraft demonstrator? I have looked at the magazines and their website and I am quite interested but it would be nice to speak to someone who is actually doing it first.


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    Heh Craftychick

    I'm a PartiCraft Demonstrator & would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

    If you've looked on the website & at the magazine then hopefully that will have given you a general feel for what it's all about but as you say it's always better to talk to someone who's actually doing it to get a real feel for it.

    I'm new on this forum & not completely sure what I can say without breaking the rules! Hence if you want to e-mail me at MOD EDIT - EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED TO PREVENT SPAM, use PM instead then we can pick it up from there (& anyone else who might be interested in what it's all about). If you want to check me out on the PartiCraft website then look at the 'Be a demonstrator' page on the website & under the list of current demonstrators I'm the 7th one down (Michelle).

    I look forward to hearing from you


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      Hello Michelle,

      That is great and yes I have seen your picture in the magazine! So just generally are you enjoying it and is it working for you? Also I guess the other thing I really want to know is if it is difficult and whether you get support.

      Thank you


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        Fame at last!

        Hello again!

        In a nutshell - it's great! & I'm not just saying that - I am really enjoying it. As you've probably read in the mag I was looking for a little part time job to do that fits around my two sons & as I'm quite into my crafting then this seemed to be a perfect fit & certainly worth giving it a go.

        The support has been fantastic, obviously you've seen the catalogue & the website so you know all about the huge range of products & the general structure but as a demonstrator we have access to another part of the website that has tonnes of info to help run our businesses & this includes top tips on how to run parties & how to get them booked in the first place. It also includes lots of exclusive project ideas that can be used as demos at your various parties & info on how to get the most from all the products & so on. As well as the website, there is a new forum, similar to this, that gives you access to all the demonstrators & the general crafting community & also you have all the support you need at the end of the phone from head office. All orders etc are done on line so it's all fairly straightforward & easy to follow. Not to forget that you will get a full days training at the start to run through it all so you're not just thrown in at the deep end!

        I got off to a good start as I know quite a few crafty people & so that was a good audience for my first few parties. It isn't essential for you to have that up front though, it just means you'd need to do a bit of work to get your name out there. Once you're up & running though one thing should lead to another & you'll get further bookings from your parties & of course you could always consider setting up your own card club or local workshops or whatever suits you really.

        Basically, the support is there so as long as you're quite passionate about crafting & willing to put in a bit of time & effort to get yourself started then you should find it really good fun & a nice way of earning a few quid doing what you love.

        Hopefully this will give you a bit of a feel for it - any more questions then please just ask!

        Take care & happy crafting

        Michelle x


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          Hello Craftychick,

          I too am a PartiCraft Demonstrator, though I work in and around Northamptonshire (different location to Michelle - Hi Michelle lol). I've been with PartiCraft since April and I'm really enjoying it!

          If there is anything you want to know, please get in touch, I'd be more than happy to help.

          Best wishes,

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            Thank you

            Hi Camille,

            Thank you for the information and to Michelle. Like I said it is good to hear from people that are actually doing it. I was made redundant about a month ago and as I am having difficulty in getting another job I wanted to do something that could earn me some extra cash and I am a craftaholic! Obviously though I do not want to spend out money on something that will not give me a good return as we certainly cannot afford that sort of luxury. I shall have to look into it with my hubby, he is usually really supportive so I do not think there will be a problem but due to the current circumstances I will need him to agree.

            Cheers once again for your information.


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              Do I have a suspicious nature, or do Craftychick and Clamilla seem a little too much like a double act?!


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                Particraft Demonstrators

                Hi All, my wife and I are Particraft Demonstrators, we have been doing it for a few months and have done 1 demonstration, 1 party and 1 stall at a local festival. We saw the adverts for the company and thought it would be fun to share our knowledge with others and maybe cover some of the costs of our own crafting. We met Traci (one of the owners) at a show at Ally Pally and had a chat and checked out the products, as we did not want to try and show people a product that we ourselves would not use. The products are very good as is the training and back up knowledge. The demonstrators are now gelling into a little family and we have met one other demonstrator and hope to meet another soon. At the end of September at Ally Pally you will be able to meet face to face some of the demonstrators as we are going to be doing a make and take of a gift bag.

                The wife and I have a blog which also links to other demonstrators so if you want to check them out please go to our blog (johnandvictoria mod edit there is a slideshow of some of the cards that we have made. I am more than happy to answer any questions and if you email me @ craft @ mod edit I am happy to give you my phone number if you want a 'face 2 face' chat. The links are written out as apparantely I can't post links until I've made 25 posts Mod edit - if you knew that you must have also read the other rules
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                John and Victoria
                Makers of handmade cards and Particraft demonstrators


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                  I'm closing this thread now as we seem to have had all the information about Particraft that we need. It has been allowed, even though it's advertising, because forum members wanted information, we would be grateful if further contact with demonstrators was done through either PM or e mail. Thanks.