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  • 1st day back

    Hi everyone,

    Just thought i would say hello as i haven't been on here for a couple of days due to a) my stupid internet being down ...again and b) it was my first proper day back at school today. I Went in yesterday for inset day and there were no kids in- was lovely! but the little (or should i say big) darlings were back today - so now i have a pile of paperwork to catch up on and a banging headache!!

    Oh well...the joys of teaching!! Thought i would catch up on here first!..well i have to get my priorities right!!

    Hope you are all well and speak to you soon, yay it's Friday already tomorrow!

    (((hugs to you all))) if you have had a bad week or if you just need a hug!

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    i know the feeling

    I've only got half of mine out of the way this week. 1 back at school, 1 at pre school and the other two still under foot. -

    One of them starts school on monday so i should be able to get stuff done in the mornings while smallest has a sleep! Knowing my luck he'll give that up soon so i'll be burning the midnight oil to get stuff done!

    Hubby off work sick this week to so thats like having child number 5. he's been really ill with acute tonsilitis - throat closed up and everything but now he's on the mend he's well enough to moan and my patience is wearing thin!

    Roll on Monday and a bit of normality!


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      There aren't any children booked into nursery tommorrow or Monday so i get to stay at home making pretty beads

      I was thinking today how nice it was to be back at nursery after six weeks off.....then i had to change a nappy
      MISI -