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  • Boooo! Too Late!

    Argghh i could kick myself! I have had a rubbish past week or so with the vet coming out to my loan horse and finding out he has arthritis. He is going back to his owners tomorrow

    But i have been so distracted that i completely forgot about the silversmithing course near me. The enrolment began last week and i remembered to call today and its all booked up!! Im so dissapointed. I really wanted to do it.

    So instead i booked myself on the potters wheel course as there was one space left on that course. They start a new set of courses after christmas so i can do the silversmithing one then.

    So sort of bitter sweet. The pottery one will be great fun but i had decided on the silversmithing one.
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    Well, looking on the bright side... you get to do 2 courses now !!


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      Pottery is so much fun.and you get to pound the clay into submission, gets rid of any / all pent up frustrations and aggression.... lol..
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        Yeah OH hasnt realised that bit yet!

        Start 2 weeks tomorrow
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          WAs it you that couldn't chose between the two courses?

          Maybe your guardian angel decided it would be better to do the pottery 1st then?....maybe there's some reason you should do it 1st rather than the silver smithing one?
          Big believer in things happen for a reason! lol
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            having 2 courses is a great thing , keep positive mind..
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              You will enjoy the pottery, it is such good fun. I did one - no good at it but made some good friends and had lots of laughs, especially when your lump of wet clay goes skidding accross the floor.
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                Good luck with the potting, my late aunt was a quite well known potter in Devon (maggy nicholes) she had a fantastic workshop on the back of her house which she let me lose in sometimes, I always ended up eating more clay than was left on the wheel, and with a heavy heart she finnaly pointed out to me that potting was not for me!
                She did teach me to smoke a woodbine all the way down without knocking the ash off once (I was quite proud of that, wont say what age I was)
                Hope you have fun, I did