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  • Storage

    Ok i am finally starting to take over the spare room and am looking for sometihng to put all of my stuff in. I like this

    But can i find cheaper? I had a look on eBay but couldnt seem to find any there

    Is there any mat or somethng that is good to work on while making jewellery?

    Any other tips to making a crafty space?
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    Maplins sell the exact same one for only £17.99 and free delivery if you buy 2 (spend more than £35). There's a 28 day delivery on that size on orders from the web but I got mine from our local store so its worth checking if there's one near you.

    You can buy beading mats from loads of places for a few pounds. They're supposed to stop the beads from rolling all over the place but I've not tried them so can't vouch for them.
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    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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      check out:
      I have just bought the craft desk with the drawer trays for my workroom.
      Beading mats are available from most bead suppliers or hobbycraft have them cheaper.


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        Although I don't buy a lot in Hobbycraft these days they are good for storage boxes which are very often on special offer. You can get beading mats quite cheaply there as well. I have just moved out of my little crafting room at home and made a takeover bid on my son's playroom! I have had great fun organising the space and spreading out as it is about three times the size. The only compromise I have made is to keep his computer in there - all the better for keeping an eye on what he's doing.....


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          I went to Hobbycraft the olther day and they had all of their storage boxes on special offer - i got 2 at really cheap prices - although i'm not sure how big the sizes go up to - but worth a look?

          Also i would DEFINATELY invest in a mat - mine cost me £1.49 and its brill - its stops the beads rolling about etc!

          Happy beading x


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            I found some similar last year in a shop in Bridlington, i think it's called Yorkshire Trading Company. The drawers were decent sized (9 of them) and it was only a pound for a set. They probably don't stock them anymore but they are out there somewhere!
            Only thing is i knocked it over heehee there were brads and beads everywhere! My boyf wasn't too pleased lol!
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              I also bought a wooden set of storage drawers from ikea, it's good if you like being crafty cos you can decorate it youself, mine's two shades of metalic purple with butterflies stuck on it. i tried to add web page but i don't have enough posts. It's called Fira if that helps.
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                Oh my gosh - thank you for that website Carolee!

                Which desk are you getting? I'm dead jealous!

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                Diamond Ideas is also on facebook!

                Go on, add some sparkle to your project!


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                  I wouldn't be without my beading mat i have tried beading chasing the beads across the table a tray was just as bad with the added problem of working over the lip of the tray and working off an offcut of ordinary material only caused problems picking up on fluff and threads I tried a proper bead mat and not looked back since