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  • Good Evening

    Evening everyone

    Hope you have all had a good day. I started off waking up early and felt very very low but don't know why. Picked my friend up from her house and we went to Bognor Regis for a wander round the town. My it was packed but it was a lovely sunny warm day & bought a lot of the visitors out.

    Got a few bits & pieces & even got my niece's Christmas present in the sale - 5 items from High School musical for under £10 - so pleased with that and then of course went to the craft shop that is in town. Well lets just say 90 mins later we were still in there only cos they have revamped their shop & got a lot more stock in now and so about £15 later I walked out, couldn't get anymore although was tempted.

    No plans for tomorrow as yet apart from going to Tesco & Hobby craft (only cos I was after some parchment chalks but they didn't have any in the shop I was at today - well that's my excuse) so I can see it being another crafty day.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone, I am back to work on Mon after a week off - although seems like more than a week - so bang goes my card making.

    Catch you later

    Christine x

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    Good evening

    I'm so jealous - you have a Hobbycraft near by.

    I used to live in east london and visited Hobbycraft once a month (South London), but now live in NE Scotland. They don't even have a store in Scotland. I actually write to them last year and complained that they didn't have a store in Scotland. They did say they were considering a site in Scotland - yippee. Don't know where it may be, probably Edinburgh or Glasgow - which is 4 hours away, sob, sob.

    I do miss Hobbycraft.
    Take care

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      I know it's not the same but i did hear that one of the stores did mail order. I know it isn't the ones near me (sorry got 2 in my area - well 1 in Havant (which is 10 mins down the road) and one in Southampton but it is good for a Sunday afternoon out!!!

      If i find the mail order one i will let you know



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        Hope your shopping cheered you up Christine, its the pits when you wake up low and dont really know why but sometimes you just need to let it be what it is and ride it out

        Probably the fortchoming end of that week off could be sumat to do with it though! Wouldnt it be nice if life was one long holiday with no bill worries and lots of time for card-making et al - or would it?

        Have a good day
        Shaz x
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          So pleased your day turned out OK in the end, its been wet most of today here so I haven't put my nose out of the door. Not even to go to the workroom - bone idle I am.
          God helps them that help themselves.