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  • Craft phases

    Do any of you go through phases?

    I bought all my sodlering equipment, glass, pictures, iron and I dotn feel like soldering.

    I like the idea of working with beads, making jewelery but my love of soldering has wavered.

    Does this happen to any of you?

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    Yep all the time! I buy something and it sits on the stairs for a couple of weeks waiting to go into the craft room and by the time it gets up there I don't want to use it anymore! It come round in circles though because by the time I've found it again I will have loads of brilliant ideas for using it. Maybe the moral of that story is that I should tidy my stairs more often
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      Now Im looking for my stamping inks!!
      Ive just realised i can combine my soldering and stamping.I havnt stamped since about the end of last year!!
      So strange.

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