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How did you learn your craft?

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  • How did you learn your craft?

    It’s interesting how people like to learn different ways. How did you learn your craft?

    Years ago when I learnt crocheting, I did it by reading an old crocheting instructional book. I came across this book at a crafts fair, bought it because I needed something to read on the bus on the way home. I got so interested in it that before walking home from the bus stop, I stopped by the shops and bought my first crochet hook and some yarn. The rest is history. I loved it from day one.

    Although my grandmother crocheted all the time, when she was alive I hadn’t really seen any interest in it. But now each time I crochet it reminds me of my grandmother and it makes me feel real good.
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    I was lucky, in that I grew up in a family who all made things. My great aunt was a milliner, another a tailor, my grandmother tatted, sewed, knitted and painted. My Mother did sewing, knitting, crochet, painting. My father designed and built houses and could do wonderful things with plaster such as fake Tudor beams, down to the bolts.
    This way I learned different things in all types of medium but have added ceramics and jewellery making plus many others. I usually see something and then devise my own way of making it by working backwards from the finished object.
    I also tend to want to qualify in anything I do, hence C & G teaching certs with Gare, Pergamano etc.
    It is good to learn


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      Important roll of Grandmas/Grandads in art n crafts

      Grandma...used to sit and make dolly clothes with her went on to study Fashion /textiles design...and both parents were very into arts n crafts so in the genes maybe!

      Crochet!! that was taught to me by my best friends grandma
      Love of wood from Grandad

      Think Grandmas/Grandads have an important roll in passing on arts/craft to kids maybe? new for 2012 2009-2011


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        I was like you. I taught myself to crochet as a girl I worked with did it and as she was right handed and I am left she lost patience with me so I bought a little book and taught myself. I had a lovely Aunty who is now in heaven but she taught me to knit when I was about six.As for my cards making, I just decided to have a go and haven't stopped since. I would like to crochet again but there are not enough hours in the day!! Sue xx


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          Grandparents here too - especially the two grandmas who taught me to knit and crochet. I learnt to sew at school, but my mum always had her sewing machine out as well. I've addedto my knowledge through reading (and the internet is fantastic isn't it? I've learnt so many techniques that I just couldn't pick up from a book!)

          I lost them all many years ago, but last year I researched my family tree and found out that the majority of the ancestors on my mum's side were tailors and dressmakers! Maybe it is genetic after all!
          Cathy xx

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            Like a million others I was brought up and taught by my Grandmother and Mother who both crafted out of necessity as one did in those days (There speaks the aged lady). I think if you live in that environment you absorb and learn (by default) all sorts of crafts and finally settle on one or two you are comfortable with or successful at.
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              My Gran taught me to knit , my Auntie was a seamstress and my Mum had her City and Guilds in dressmaking so i learned to sew from them and i did sewing at school !!
              The rest has been self taught as i go along , i am having fun at the moment with machine embroidery !!!!

              I feel sorry that my children wont have that special time sat on Granny's knee learning to knit . They do love to watch me work and i can see different talents crafts wise developing in them ..... even the boys !!!
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                Grown up with if you can't afford to buy it make it. Most of the skills like sewing I learnt from my mum, the artistic bit from my nan. Everything else I learnt from books. I want to learn Lampwork for making beads but I realise I will have to go and be taught this as I don't think learning from a book gives you the full experience.


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                  My aunt taught me how to crochet and knit and I went back to it a couple of years ago. I joined a sewing night class in my twenties and, although I didn't appreciate it then, the teacher taught us the very basic couture techniques! She had been a seamstress all her life, it was just 'the way it's done' to her! It was the best class I've done (so far!). I took a GSCE in art 3 yrs ago as a challenge and got a B, which I'm really proud of because I don't 'do' exams and had to sit and paint a picture in 10 hours. Went outside and had a cry at one point but I finished it. The worst painting I've ever done but I finished The bl***y thing!

                  Now, if something looks interesting, I'll get a book and have a look!




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                    Well now....

                    My grandmother taught me to crochet and inspired me. My mother taught me to knit. School taught me to sew my aunt taught me patience. She was a very skilled lacemaker. Since then I've had to resort to libraries and Amazon. It's an addiction but it's doesn't harm anyone does it?



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                      we grew up with not much money and my mum just cobbled together stuff like fancy dress costumes. She sewed or knitted clothes, and most importantly made all sorts of fab cakes and fancy biccies for birthday parties. I remember feeling sorry for the kids who had to make do with a shop bought cake or costume, didnt realise it was lack of funds that was the reason behind mine! As a child if I wanted something and I couldnt have it bought I made it, wanted a play kitchen, no money - make one out of a carboard box.

                      I now do a little bit of everything (some things better than others!) but my kids have also come to expect a homemade birthday cake and would feel horribly let down if I didnt make them a present for birthdays and christmas. We made a tardis out of a couple of cardboard boxes a while ago, they loved it and it was so special, I have never seen one in the shops so they had something none of their friends had. My kids now make themselves all sorts out of cardboard boxes (bit of a theme in our house) and I am really glad I have been able to pass the passion on to them! I agree crafting is just something you are born with, I am very happy I was
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                        gosh what a ramble, and I dont hink I answered the original question at all, got all nostalgic

                        Where is the embarrassed smilie when you need it?
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                          Oh I'm with you on the kids and cardboard boxes! Last year, we (6 yr old daughter and me, 'helped' by 3 yr old brother) made a pink castle out of boxes so she could play with her dolls in it! Unfortunately, our local tescos don't put out the boxes as much as they used to now. Give kids a box and they'll happily fight over it for hours!




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                            my mam did a millinery course and the next year needed a lift so paid for me to go as well
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                              my Grandma taught me to knit and Great Grandma to crochet...
                              I do sometimes some sewing and my mum used to sew clothes for me and my sister...

                              and the lovely time before Christmas every year - making the tree decorations at home... unforgettable my Grandparents always make something useful at home (still!)

                              my daughter loves making funny things, drawing, painting and my son draws beautiful but I have to encourage him more as computer games seem to win with other activities, well...

                              I just was born with the love to handmade things, thats all, and I am using internet to learn new techniques and crafts
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