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  • What course?

    I have been sent a list of short evening courses at a local academy and there are 2 i really want to do. But really i can only afford to do one. Unless i pretend i am still a student then il get money off and can do them both....

    But anyway, there is a jewellery making one for beginners which includes how to saw pierce, solder, wire working and how to polish and finish off. There is a more advanced course but seeing as i have never soldered i think the beginners course is better!

    The other one is using the pottery wheel. I have always always wanted to do a course in this. I have done it before many years ago and have been gagging after it since lol.

    But jewellery making has been my thing for a while now. Hopefully i can use the skills from this course and buy a soldering kit and expand into that. But i love pottery so much and can let loose and enjoy it. I dont see myself being able to afford a wheel and kiln anytime soon but its on my wish list.

    So what to choose!!!
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    Thats a tough choice to make, I don't know that I can help you because I would want to do both, but I guess you have to ask yourself 'is this course for business or pleasure?' If it is for business, then go with the jewellery one, but if you are doing it just for fun then go with the pottery one since you fancy having a go but can't afford the equipment so this is an ideal opportunity to try it out.

    Whichever you choose, have a great time and post some pics when you have made something.

    Jo x
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      Very sound advice from Jo. I also used to go to college for pottery and loved every minute of it but, unless you are set up at home with all the kit (Even second hand it costs an arm and a leg) its a hobby you can only indulge in once a week as it all has to be done at college.
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        Yes, it is a tricky choice! I do silversmithing because when I started the course was closer and now I'm addicted and in the middle of a major project so I can't stop, but I too would love to do pottery. Not to mention sculpture, and feltmaking . . . !

        Both pottery and silversmithing need a fair bit of equipment and one of the reasons I still go to smithing classes is because of the tools provided which I can't afford and don't have room for anyway!

        I think, from re-reading your post, that you yourself think you should do the silversmithing one because that's what you've been working on and you want to develop that.

        But if you could get the student discount then I do think you should do both! I know I would!

        Hope you can figure it al out ok.



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          Strictly from a therapists point of view, thats a dilemma - whenever you feel you have only 2 choices - I wonder if there's a third option that'll help you make a decision?

          I can understand the practicalities of everyone's advice above though, the cost of the equipment etc, tricky one that

          Try a bit of "future pacing"- imagine yourself going through each of the courses if turn then how you'd feel coming out the other end of each having completed them - which one would you regret, in your heart, not having taken?

          Have fun deciding, its great to have the opportunity, whichever you take

          Shaz x
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            I have a week or 2 to decide. I would love to try to do both but im not sure what their system is to check if you are a student. My student card has a date until Sep 2008. The course starts in Sep! So il need to t hink how to go about finding out.
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              I think youd benefit from the jewellery classes as youd have access to the equiptment but I did jewellery at college, and from what i gather the evening classes are very basic, you may learn the skills but weather you'll be able to use them out of the class is a different matter as you'll use alot of equiptment that you probably dont have access to at home, also you only pay for all the use of sheet metal and wire ect, if you want to use silver ect you have to pay extra for that. Personaly i dont feel like ive really benefited from the jewellery course i did, because i cant continue the skills i learnt, at home. If i had all the equipment it would of been great.


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                If it were me (I make jewellery) I would stick to the jewellery course to enhance the skills that I already have. I would concentrate on one thing at a time - but that's just a personal opinion.


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                  I would probably be looking at which course could bring me a interest at home for the longer time.

                  I did a fusing course 2 years ago feel in love with it and have never been able to set up a system at home as the costs are high, and especially with fuel costs rising, maybe having a kiln now could be pricey to run??.

                  Also learning a new hobby/craft is more costly on parts/ingredients as you need to play and sometimes fail till you get to how you like your results to be.

                  So I would assess which one could bring me in a small profit from friends and help me out if i needed an extra £5 or £10 in a week. ( most weeks for me lol )

                  If the income grows then some of the money can go to wards the next interest and tools and so on.

                  But therapeutic wise, i would also say do what your heart wants to do.


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                    Flip a coin!! Or do one then go back next year and do the other. I've done pottery and loved it!