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  • Boxes for cards?

    Hi Everyone

    I am having a few orders with people wanting a selection of 15-20 different cards. The last ones I have done I have just given them to them in a bag but I would really like to find a (cheap) box to put them in. Pref plain so that I can put my own label on it. Anyone know of any? I suppose it would have to be fairly deep. The card sizes I use most are 135mm x 135mm.

    xxx Hannah

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    Why don't you buy a box maker, then you could make your own with decorated or complementing card. Try Crafters Companion, this is the board I use and I now never have to buy a box. You make the size exactly as you want it and as you need it. It is also cheaper with more variety. You could also print your own logo on the box first before cutting out.


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      Great, thanks Caroline. Will give it a try!



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        I make made to measure boxes free hand, just make the box base the size you need plus a little slack.
        2x the depth minus 2mm for the sides so you can double thickness the side walls of your box, leave the tabs on when you cut out for strength in the corners when fixing up. do the same for the lid remembering to add a couple of mm. The sides for the lid only need to be about 10 or 15 mm deep


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          try thebagnboxman

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