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Organic Eco friendliness gone mad!!

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  • Organic Eco friendliness gone mad!!

    Hi Folks,

    As you know I make a few leather items,

    Recently I had an enquiry from a London based company asking for small pouches to be made for their new product.

    Great I thought, my first big order which will either make or break me!

    Before I gave them my estimate I was asked;

    "How eco friendly & organic are your products?"

    Now, is it just me, but I was absolutely gobsmacked. Do these people not have a clue that leather is a natural product made from animals?
    I know you could go into the rearing/feeding issue, but really, come on, I'm buying leather that was probably processed in the meat trade possibly even over a year ago.

    I have probably offendeda few on here but lets be serious about it now, it IS a natural product from an animal, not a cellophane covered white plastic tray.

    Needless to say, once I gave my quote they have not had the decency to say yes or no - another great British business!!!!

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    Perhaps they want you to deliver them wrapped in brown paper on horseback to save your carbon tyre print!!!!!!
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      what a waste of time for you! some people are so clueless.
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        I consider myself a bit of an eco-greeny type but even I have to wonder at the things some people come out with! One of my bug bears is when some Vegans and Vegetarians (by no means all I'm not trying to offend anyone!) would actually prefer to wear synthetic shoes instead of Leather!

        I maybe wrong, but perhaps the people enquiring were ignorant of the processing of the leather and wanted to know if there were any nasty chemicals used? Who knows what their concerns were? They should've been more specific about what they meant by "eco-friendly and organic"!
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          I've been going through all scenarios relating to this, trying to put myself in "their" shoes to try to understand it.

          Believe me, all I can come up with is - either they are ignorant to the processes (as said above) or it is a fashion trend in the large cities.

          As I come from the country it is an alien aspect to me

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            Im assuming they were reffering to the process that is taken to produce the leather, for example, what chemicals are used to treat it ect, and where the leather is from, is it organic leather, those kinds of things, i dont think its a weird question to ask at all. There is still a huge market for organic and eco friendly goods but in order to claim your goods are organic obviously you need to know where they have come from ect. I would prefer to buy organic leather if at all, I am a vegetarian, have been most of my life and i dint like wearing leather, its a bit hipocritical to not eat meat but then wear leather. I only own one pair of leather shoes, and there my Doc Martins which are a replacement for wellies as i have a rubber allergy. I think in this day and age it is perfectly exceptable to ask where and how goods are made.


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              I'm going to have to disagree with you.

              As already stated if I'm using leather that could have been processed possibly over a year ago then the upbringing of the respective animal could not be found.

              Also if the leather is to be organic then the treatment would not be suitable for the vegan/vegetarian thinking. Trust me, I've used the brain tanning process that has to be followed for organic leather. It takes months & therefore would double if not treble the price of the items.

              Going to throw caution to the wind here - By being a vegan/vegetarian are you(not you in particular but as a whole) ignoring your heritage? (by that I mean not only the start of your family but the start of the planet).

              Don't really want to go down the meat/non meat debate etc etc.

              I'm sure that the vegan/vegetarian way of thinking could be applied to all sorts of items such as clothing (materials & processes/dyes etc), jewellery (processes/where & how the silver/gold came from).

              Could really open a can of worms

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                Yes thats what they were asking you!!
                They were only enquiring if you knew weather the leather you were using was organic and eco friendly!?
                If it was there policy or something that they were interested in doing then of course they were going to ask. And organic products tend to be more expensive anyway because of the processes that they go through, im sure the company that approached you about it knew this already!!
                And as for the vegetarianism, im not cagey about it and am aware that we are at the top of the food chain ect but i choose not to eat meat because i dont enjoy the thought of eating something that was once alive, its just one of my many morals, as for heritage, im sure you dont milk your own cows and live in a cave, if thats what you were implying??
                How odd.


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                  as for heritage, im sure you dont milk your own cows and live in a cave
                  Please read the posts, I'm sure I've said that I do live in the country and in fact we do have a herd

                  Sounds like I've rattled a cage here???

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                    Well not all of us own a herd of cows, so surely that means we have all abandoned our heritage!?
                    Im not quite sure what you meant by that comment, there are HUNDREDS of things that we dont do now that we did hundreds of years ago, doesnt mean we are frogetting our heritage, just that the world and technology are evolving.


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                      You're twisting it a little, originally you started about milking cows not having a herd.

                      People just do not realise where their items no matter what they be actually come from, as probably displayed months back on a tv program whre they asked kids where meat comes from.

                      What I'm basically getting at is; those that "see" themselves as having an eco friendly/organic should not dictate their views on others.

                      Naturally this works in both ways.

                      Now shall we stop this debate & return this to a craft forum?

                      For all your bespoke leather requirements


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                        Yes. Thread closed.