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fed up with british suppliers

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  • fed up with british suppliers

    We have been buying from China,India, south America,North America for many years now and every so often we make a great effort to source from the UK. and every time we are dissapointed, though we do deal with a few UK companies it is hard work to build a relationship.
    The latest disaster is with one of the biggest silver dealers in the country (their claim) after an initial enqury they actualy asked me to provide proof of my turnover!! This was too much, but they didnt understand when I said "would you like a list of all my suppliers and customers as well" All I got as a responce was that it was company policy. so I said "so if I come to see you and slap a few grand in cash on your counter you will not do business with me?" her responce was "not if you havent been approved"
    WHEN IS THE UK GOING TO MOVE WITH THE TIMES or are they happy with loseing business to the rest of the world?

    Feel a lot better for that, but would like to know if the rest of you find this or is it just my lack of charm that is the problem

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    I too have found UK suppliers, not very user friendly. If you go to the trade shows they want 2 references, duh!! how can you give 2 ref's when no one will give you an account until you have the trade ref's.chicken and Egg spring to mind. I

    want to buy and pay on the spot not have account facilities but this is where they loose out as they will not sell without an account, as you said that is verified. So I go to the states, where the products are cheaper the P & P is also cheaper than buying in the UK (what is this about) and they do not want a min order.

    I was looking for very small silver sics with my co name engraved on them, UK could not and would not help as I only wanted 100. Dealt with a company stateside and they filled the order within 5 days less P & P than I was quoted in the UK. That is what I call service also they were friendly and approachable. The UK trade seems to think they are superior to us their customers and needs to buck up it's ideas, after all with the internet and worldwide access we can go anywhere, they will then moan because they are going out of business and blame everyone else but themselves.


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      Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post

      I was looking for very small silver sics with my co name engraved on them, UK could not and would not help as I only wanted 100. Dealt with a company stateside and they filled the order within 5 days less P & P than I was quoted in the UK. .
      Can you let me know the details please?
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        I'm probably going to make myself very unpopular here but personally I like those suppliers who are strict with their trading terms. There are too many wholesale suppliers out there who will sell to anyone who says 'yes I have a business' and they then bung the stuff on ebay at ridiculously low prices - it makes them a few pennies but unfortunately kills 'real' businesses who simply can't compete. I've also seen some internet shops selling at very low prices - I know of a few who got loads of orders but soon realised they're not making any profit and it's taking up too much time as they were running it as a hobby rather than a business so shut the meantime other businesses selling near the RRP have also closed due to the competition created.

        God I sound so righteous and I'm certainly not implying any of you lot are taking the pee or aren't running serious businesses. I remember having the same moans about wholesalers when I started out but now appreciate why the good ones have these rules. And it really is worth persevering - use those that hand out accounts to nearly anyone as your stepping stone and soon you'll have those references you'll need for the stricter ones.
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          I know what you are saying natty, but I was not after an account, I pay cash. But they sent a price list that was ridiculesly dear, I asked what discount system they had for quantity, end of talks till I had approved status.
          How can I cost their products against others without their prices. and why would I supply account details of my company to someone I dont know?
          I had already supplied proof that I have traded for over 30 years, what more do they need to know.
          But I do agree with a lot you have said


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            I am also with nattynetty on this one. I finally found some bona fide wholesalers in Europe. They only trade with companies with a VAT number and they have high minimum order.

            I have very very few UK suppliers and I only use them as back up if I need something quick.

            Urbtaf, I would write to the director of this company, I think asking for proof of turnover is going a bit too far.
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              I have the same problem sourcing a lot of stuff for my leatherwork. I look on the net and there are loads of US suppliers and the usual china etc. i have even bought from denmark. I could buy a lot more 20 30 years ago in small quantities.


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                I think (now ive calmed down) is that Im so easy to run a check on! Im on bury market web site, Im fairly well known in the "trade" mainly because Im the man who will pay cash when the wholesalers are deserate for it. (they have cash flow problems like anybody in business)
                On top of this Im not the only retailer that is getting a bit sick of the big suppliers complaining that they are loseing business to the overseas suppliers, and why dont they look at the reason for it and stop treating prospective customers as if they are doing me a favour by allowing me to spend money with them.
                End of moan, the future plan is to compile a portfolio, and present it to anyone who questions my status


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                  British Companies

                  I have been hearing a lot of worrying stories about the way companies operate in the UK. Too much red tape seems to be strangling enterprise, eventually there won't be any manufacturing left and we will all be paying the pensions of the administrators who will have nothing left to administrate. I don't see why UK companies can't accept your money when US ones or Asian ones do and I believe it is great to encourage a vibrant economy by helping small businesses evolve so long as they are genuine traders.
                  However there are some great and helpful UK wholesalers around.
                  Chris W.
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                    I agree chris, I have some great suppliers in the UK who have helped me a lot over years.
                    One thing I have noticed is that the best of them that I deal with dont bother with advertising much, they seem to go from strength to strength by word of mouth, I think that says a lot