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I havnt made anyhting in weeks!

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  • I havnt made anyhting in weeks!

    I just havnt made anything is ages and i dont know why! I was really excited with the etsy and folksy shops but my photos are rubbish and i havnt had any sales. I know that i need to keep adding things to it to get noticed but tbh i dont know if i even like the format of etsy and folksy.
    I would love my own website but my OH and i are working on a website for another business venture and dont have the time for my hobby.

    Just having a moan...
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    Know what you mean. I hit a wall a few weeks back and just didn't feel inspired or have the inclination to do anything. I found that two weeks holiday and the prospect of a craft fair approaching did wonders for me! I'm sure it will come back soon.


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      It's awful when you get that block. You feel like you need a good shove to get going again but there's no one to do it. A day off doing absolutely nothing except for yourself might do the trick. (Or maybe a week???)
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        me too - I packed all my stuff away in a strop last weekend. I'm sure I'll drag it all out again soon enough, but for now it can stay packed away

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          theres no time limit though, right? You can always go back to it
          craft ideas


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            Originally posted by handcrafted View Post
            I just havnt made anything is ages and i dont know why!
            Just having a moan...
            Well, I think you are being very naughty.... now get a piece of paper and write out the following phrase 10 times 'I must not give up on crafting'...then start doodling and I'm sure a few ideas will pop into your head


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              There are so many distractions in August and business is generally quieter, it's good to have a break and unwind. Hopefully in the next month or two you will get some inspiration for the Christmas season, this is the best time to get sales.
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