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  • Sewing onto Card

    I'm wondering if it is possible to sew onto card? I ask this as on Flickr I saw some 'card and fabric bookmarks' and it looks like fabric has been appliqued onto the card. I could try myself, but I would feel safer asking first!

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    I can't see why not, provided the card isn't too thick or if you get a strong enough needle, if you were to use patterned card or paper would you be able to maybe sew round the pattern and maybe that way give it a more embossed and stand out look?
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      If you are using thicker card you might have to have a design in mind first and pierce holes in it for the needle to go through.
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        Did you mean by hand or on a machine ?
        I sew my little applique designs onto cards on my sewing machine !!
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          Yes you can

          Hi, Garters here,
          yes you can sew onto card, I use a Denim needle, embroidery looks great, but don't use an embroidery pattern that is too detailed or you will find that because the pattern has so many needle holes, it just breaks away from the card rather like perforations. If you want to attach coloured threads or braid, thread your machine with a colour similar to the one that you wish to attach, then using a large zig zag stitch, zig zag over the thread or braid to hold it in place.

          Good Luck


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            You can get 'pricking' patterns and peeloffs with pinpricks especially to sew. Using a pricking tool or a bodkin or any big pointy needly thing, prick the holes first and you can thread ribbon through too. I've seen someone make lovely roses and leaves, using ribbon alone. Also 'Pinflair' do fabric cards and I've just found one set in my boxes with handbags, shoes, gloves etc. which you cut out, sew on beads and threads, stick them onto pieces of cardboard and then stick onto cards. You can also get metal stencils that have holes to prick through and then sew as you want.
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              that would be a really unique piece...especially for business cards!
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                You can easily do it but make sure you don't have too many stitches close together, e.g. a line of stitches is fine but not a big group of stitches as the card will give way. Claire at Paynes Design is an expert at this ... have a look on

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                  At college i used to sew all my research into my book because i could never afford glue and i always ran out of it really quickly! The teachers didnt know that though and just thought i was being really creative ;D
                  So yes you can.


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                    Hi..yes very easy to stitch on paper n card paper will be stronger if lots of stitching required by adding iron on interfacing onto the back gives it added strength....used to make paper quilts as wall hangings from painted and guilded kitchen roll and brown paper
                    Use as fine a needle as poss on paper so the holes stay small and expect to throw away the needle afterwards or keep it just for paper..can get very blunt!
                    You can actually sew on fabric then make a good photocopy onto paper and use the paper complete with stitching...looks like the real thing too

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                    Have fun
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                      Many thanks for all the replies, and will shortly be having a go myself!!