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  • What to do?.............

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this and wondered if any of you could give me a few pointers...

    I make jewellery and was thinking of doing a small craft fair in Newbury - as its where i live and its also quite cheap for a table, but as i have not been doing this for very long and have also never done a craft fair i was looking for some help and advice...and maybe a few tips!!

    Firstly - how much stock should you take and present on the table?
    How would you best present necklaces, bracelets and earrings?
    I was thinking of covering a table in some nice fabric and maybe covering a few small boxes or even using some covered pin boards?

    Please could any of you lovely lot point me in the right direction!
    Many thanks

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    First of all you need to know what size the table is. If you're not sure you should contact the organisers and ask.

    After that its just trial and error. Maybe you could lay a sheet out to the same size as the table and see if you have enough stock to fill it plus you'll need extras to fill spaces if - sorry, when you sell things.

    Check out some of the old threads for ideas on how to display your jewellery without too much outlay - use the search button on the forum for this.

    You also need to think about packaging and don't forget to have some business cards ready to hand out to everyone that takes an interest in your stuff.

    Good luck with your fair and do keep us posted on how you went on.

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      Welcome to the forum

      There have been quite a few threads in the past on this subject so it might be worth searching the forum to read through the comments. I would suggest taking a good range of items as you can never be sure what will sell. If you have some inexpensive things, kids may buy from you, I have found them to be good customers. For display one idea you could try is to get some cheap organza bags in different colours and place your items on them. I did this at a fair and it worked really well, very simple to set up, lightweight to carry etc.
      Be sure to take business cards. Darker colours will shortly be becoming more popular as Autumn arrives and the pastel clothes get put away, keep an eye on trends for colour and have items that would make good Christmas gifts. Have a few very colourful pieces to attract attention and wear a big smile.
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        Thank you so much for the advice!!

        I will start planning right away and will have a look at the other threads on here!

        Thanks again, i will let you know if it all goes to plan!

        S x