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  • Sale or Return prices

    Taking my jewellery to a shop soon who wants to sell it sale or return,.

    Should I sell to them at the normal price i charge customers and let them up the prices for their shop to whatever they want. Or should I go less?

    usually I sell earrings about £10-£12. And bracelets around £45.

    Help!! thakns

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    Generally speaking your jewellery should sell for the same price whether sold in a shop or on your stall or website. The shop and their customers would not be pleased at you undercutting them. Your pricing should be at the right level that you can sell your items less 30, 40 or even 50% of your retail price and still make a profit, albeit a smaller profit than selling yourself. I know it seems unfair that the shop sometimes makes more profit than you but they have to pay more rates, rent, wages and overheads that we do.
    One way round this is to make a different - higher priced- range especially for the shop. They would probably need to have higher quality components ( or look like better quality) or more complicated designs to justify the higher price the shops would sell them for.
    I know it is awkward pricing jewellery and most of us - me included - tend to price things at the level we think will sell but there are still people who value things by the price they paid so there is scope for higher prices.