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Top Hat shaped box - template?

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  • Top Hat shaped box - template?


    My sister is getting married next year and is already thinking of starting to make her favours!!! Very organised!

    She would really, really like the men to have top hat shaped boxes for ther favours, but they are quite expensive to buy ready made and being crafty she would like to have a go at making her own!

    Does anybody know where I could find either a free or fairly cheap template to make a top hat shaped box? I have tried googling but it didnt come up with much!

    Thanks for your help!

    C x

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    could you experiment and make a template yourself?

    I know what the boxes look like but don't know how they open, but I have a few ideas of how you could make one.

    I would have thought it would be quite time consuming though?

    Have you tried country baskets? their favours are dead cheap.


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      Hobbycraft used to sell these - you could buy one and pull it to bits to make a template if you are struggling to find one. Or this might help
      these are £2.04 for 10.
      by Nicki

      Home Decorations & Gifts with Country Style


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        I have just made 60 top hats for my own wedding in just under 4 weeks time . They are about 4cm dia not counting the brim and 4cm tall I'm not very computer literate so if you tell me how to send the template I have designed to you, you are welcome to use it.

        just thought if you wish to respond you had better mail or pm me as I dont always check on back posts
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