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One for the jewellery sellers..

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  • One for the jewellery sellers..

    Good morning,

    We have not had sales through the website for over a week now. Our sales at the moment are trade and from local people that have seen us in the newspaper (editorial not advert).

    I was wondering how other jewellery sellers manager to get sales on a regular basis.

    We send out an email to our database once a month and do as much PR as we can.

    I am thinking about google adwords and possibly listing some items on ebay - but that is so competitive.

    Any advice would be fab.

    Thanks, Lou
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    Ebay would indeed be a gamble, especially as they allow the indian/chinese cr*p at 99p which is so unfair to the UK ebay market. Rant over

    However, use ebay as advertising. You can't put your website name anywhere but you can in some places, and you can also have an About Me page with a link to your website, etc
    You may not need a shop straight away, not much point unless you want to. I'd check other UK jewellery sellers on ebay. You can see their level of sales in their feedback, the more cumulative feedbacks they receive, the more they sell. I can explain more if it this doesn't make sense. For instance I have 3,000 feedbacks but I have over 10,000 cumulative thanks to many returning customers. 1 user gives you 1 feedback and any other of their feedback following from their 1st puchase will go into your cumulative total. Anyway I hope you understand what I mean, that's one way of judging their level of sales, as well as the monthly cumulative figure.

    You can try google adwords, it's very easy to switch off if it doesn't work for you. 0103media can probably help on this.

    There is another auction site called (I think) you could try.

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      your stuff looks good, Some people recommend putting up the price if its not selling? I don't like Ebay-too much competition and foreign Tat, have you tried Etsy?