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    have you all been crafting and what sort of things do you make
    I've been making cards for about 18 months and am now going to try beading
    I dont' consider myself to be very creative but everyone loves the cards me and hubby make so I must be doing something right
    no one told me how much money I was going to spend though lol

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    I've made things as long as I can remember! Starting with one Grandma teaching me to knit and crochet and the other teaching me how to whittle wood and make models as a child! I've dabbled in all sorts over the years - embroidery, tapestry, cross stitch, glass painting, oil and watercolour painting, and always made clothes for myself and the family. If it isn't crafts, it's cooking - I love foraging in the fields and making jams and wines from my finds.
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      wow you sound one busy lady !!
      I love cardmaking and hopefully beading
      its changed mine and hubbys life really , we don't spend every evening falling asleep in front of the t.v now we're up in our craft room making cards and mini scrapbooks and have turned it into a little business
      it gives us a common interest which is nice and now our children are slowly becoming more and more offhand its something to keep us occupied


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        Before taking up beading I never considered myself at all artistic (lol,some may say i'm still not)...I can't paint,I can't draw ,I can stitch a straight line although I can knit ( thanks to my grans perserverance).

        The only reason I took up jewellery making 5 yrs ago was because my best friend sells jewellery making kits which she sent me one a s b/day sat in my cupboard for ages till I reached a bit of a low point and I thought "ok,I'll give it a go" and I loved it....sometimes it drives me mad and certain pieces have stayed unfinished,but I love the whole process from planning to bead buying to watching my idea come to life in my hands to passing it on to somebody else who loves it.

        So many things I want to learn now,I'd love to learn to make bags and watch this space,lol
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          I have been crafting since I was about 4 years old. My nana used to knit and that's where I caught the bug. I made pyjamas, aprons, dolls, when I was in Primary school. I loved my Knitting Nancy and then Christmas decorations, mop dolls, peg dolls, gift wrapping, the list goes on and on and on.

          My husband says that when I'm crafting my face is very serene and relaxed. I think I should do more crafting then!!

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            All my life. One of my earliest memories is pegging rugs with my Mother and like most other crafters I have had a go at most things to do with wool, fabric, paint and paper.
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              Well i was brought up in a very crafty environment and was always making something at home or school, I was mainly into drawing adn focused all my attention on this, but then began to get a bit bored and started trying new things. I did a few stalls at festivals when i was much younger, just selling bags and jewellery and then i realised I would love to be able to make clothes and accessories, I had always customised my own clothes, but this just wasnt satisfying me!! I took a two year fashion course, which involved jewellery, photography, printing, drawing, painting, everything i enjoyed!!
              And ive been making ever since!!! I have a local festival coming up that im going to book a stall for and i even have a fashion show that im making a collecton for, in Oxford city center!!
              Theres still lots more i would like to try though!!


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                I've always loved making things -

                learned to crochet first, made hanky cases and glasses cases for presents for grandparents, dressed peg dolls and made stuff from remnants for my dolls

                In my teens I learned to knit and sew - sewing lessons at school were a godsend, made my first latch hook rug

                Sewed clothes for my kids as they came along, cot sets for dolls, crocheted and learned to cross stitch

                Now I've learnt to make baskets - willow and recycled materials, done night classes in patchwork - finished my first quilt!, make shopping bags out of charity shop curtains and bedding, love trying new things. A friend showed me how to knit socks last year - love combing the charity shops for the wool!

                I also love to cook - discovered how easy muffins are as is lemon curd - never buy the stuff, ask for the recipe, so easy! Made jam from my own blackcurrants too and chutney from the rhubarb. Just madeover my sister's garden too.

                I love turning old stuff into new stuff too - my maternity dresses made summer frocks for my daughter, rubbish makes baskets if it can make strips, remnants and charity shop fabric is great for patchwork - done 6 pillows for a friend's window seat that way - and bags.
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                  Originally posted by beckyboo View Post
                  Before taking up beading I never considered myself at all artistic (lol,some may say i'm still not)...I can't paint,I can't draw ,I can stitch a straight line although I can knit ( thanks to my grans perserverance).
                  I'm exactly the same - only thing I ever did as a young 'un was knit and that was also thanks to my gran although for some reason I knit left-handed even though I'm right handed. I was so proud of the chunky knits I used to make for my DS when he was a toddler and his wooly hats had the biggest pom poms you've ever seen.

                  And I used to work in factory making carrying pouches (basically boxes that were fastened onto the tool belt of welders when they were working on things like oil rigs) made out of fibre-glass material that were used to carry hot welding irons. (Very boring but easy to make and it paid a very good wage when I was 18 cos I was earning twice as much as my mates were that worked in the local sewing factory.)

                  Took up jewellery making about 2 years ago and haven't stopped since. I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones cos I do actually make a living from it - albeit a small one but who cares when you can turn a hobby into a money making scheme.
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                    I dont remember being that crafty as a child although I could always draw pretty well and have very fond memories of being given a rug making kit which I loved to bits

                    I only started making cards a couple of years ago when one of my cats was in an accident and my step-mum made him a get well card (the only cat in the vets with his own card on his cage bless!) and it was a really simple card that made me think "I could do that"

                    So I did - and now I make framed pictures decoupaging and kaleidescoping people's photographs - which all came out of one simple little card

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                      I think most, if not all, crafters have always had an artistic and creative side. I remember always making and drawing things when I was younger and even making some pennies off it when I was 10! (Hopefully that will also be a good omen for my business head too!)

                      I started the jewellery making seriously about 3 years ago but began initially only making custom requests for friends and at Christmas.

                      I only registered as self employed a few months ago. It's slow but I'm optimistic/naive about the future...

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                        How Long.....

                        I started knitting as a child, granny taught me. I was good at art at school and the teacher wanted me to carry with art, but clashed with other subjects I needed to take, so couldn't continue with art. Went down the route of administration.

                        I've always worked in an office (PA and Office Manger sort of roles) so didn't have much time for crafting. Started glass painting and going to the odd fair, nothing much - this was when craft fairs wasn't that common.

                        Moved onto the proper thing ... stained glass. Attended a course for one year and started on my own. Went to local craft fairs and shows to sell my wares, but unfortunately my area is a small county and not much going on in the craft fair department. I then attended a short fused glass workshop and then my life changed. I gave up the office job because I had a baby last year, decided to be a full time mother and try and work from home with my fused glass. Given up the stained glass now and just concentrating on the fused glass. God, that was an essay!
                        Take care

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                          My first attempt at crafting would be mud pies and home made perfume as a child, I then went to art college and studied sculpture and photography, earned my living as an art teacher, photographer, scenic artist and now make and sell jewellery. I have earned my living mostly through my hands for over
                          30 years, being self-employed is hard work but I work to my own timetable and have managed to pay the bills and bring up 4 kids without financial support from their dads. I suppose I have been lucky to get a few breaks here and there but I am living proof that you can do this full time and make it work for you. If it is your heartfelt dream to be a full time crafts person I would suggest to establish there is a market for your items first, have a budget that will keep you going for at least a year whilst you test your products, get your prices right, take some calculated risks and go for it.
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                            I remember mud pies and home made perfume as a kid too!!

                            I've always enjoyed making things, and studied art & design at college for 2 years, I still do a bit of painting when I find the time, and would love room for a pottery studio as I really enjoyed ceramic work too.

                            It's only in the past year that I've 'officially' been selling my jewellery, although I started making bits and pieces as a teenager to make myself stand out from the crowd!

                            I wonder if crafty people are born crafty, as it seems most of us have been doing something crafty from childhood.

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                              Forgot my macrame enterprise when I was a teenager. I had a book of patterns and swatches of cord and took orders for hanging planters, towel holders, etc.

                              Also dabbled with wet and needle felting. Made needle felted chickens as presents one Christmas!