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  • Bloomin' annoying

    I bought some beads the other month from a supplier which has some good stuff but I rarely use, at least one of the glass beads was chipped which really narks me off as it ws one of the expensive ones.
    I have just found the same thing on the site of a regular supplier for alot less mney and in more colours!!
    I know who Il be going with in the future.

    I have also sat on the computer for an hour, something i swore Id never do after leaving my rubbish job where all I did was look on the interweb.

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    sorry you had such rubbish service.. that happened to me recently with some semi-prcious beads i ordered.. half were completly unusuable as they were drilled very badly and looked terrible.... I hate shopping online for beads though it is total time suckage... before I know it I have lost 2 hours or more and still not found what i'm after... but that could be becuse i'm fussy.
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      I know what you mean. There's nothing you can really do either which makes you feel kind of helpless.
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        If you have the time, always check your parcel on arrival so you can return the faulty items for a refund. The supplier has to give you a refund by law whether the items is faulty, or even if you change your mind. They can offer a credit note or to exchange the goods for something else but you still have the right to a refund. Most companies give 7 days but some up to 30 days.

        As for sitting in front of the computer for an hour, it's easily done when you start reading the forum! I only put the TV as background noise these days....
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