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    Hi Every one,
    New to this forum and am going to jump straight in with a question!

    I am just starting a new business doing wedding stationery and was looking online for wedding fairs, but cant find too many in my location, I live in London, does anyone know where I can get a list for wedding fairs/exhibitions which preferbly are held within a 60-ish mile radius of London? Looking to start doing fairs a.s.a.p.



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    Hi. Can't help with wedding fairs in your area I'm afraid, but you can be sure somebody here will come along with some ideas. I am a jewellery-maker based in the Midlands.


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      Hi there and sorry cant help about the wedding fairs either

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        Would they be advertised in bridal magazines? Or wedding shops? Our local paper has a pull out bridal section and advertises the upcoming fairs in the area, though I've noticed it's usually held regularly in one or two particular hotels, maybe phone those venues up for any future dates?
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          sorry for the late reply, I thought I would get a email when i got a reply!


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            Have you tried


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              I make handmade wedding stationery too. What I did was contact local hotels in my area and ask they if they were orgainising and wedding fairs.

              You are also able to make contacts within the hotels and they are allways looking for local suppliers to recommend to bride and grooms.

              Sara x


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                Hi Eoin. Unless you do a lot of advertising hotels are unlikely to know about you. I'm afraid you are going to have to do a bit of cold calling. You could just send out letters to all the hotels you know that do cater for weddings (no point in sending them to hotels that don't). But in my experience its better to phone up and ask to speak to the hotels Wedding Coordinator...even better would be to go into the hotel armed with leaflets and business cards to speak to the Coordinator. Tell them what you are doing and explain you are a new business and see if they are in a position to offer you a space at their next wedding fayre.
                How often do they have wedding fayres?
                Do they have a catwalk? (to show off wedding dresses) If the hotel organises catwalks you can be assured that there will be lots of girls getting married that will attend this kind of wedding fayre. The downside to this is that the hotel normally charges a lot more for you to have a stall at them. Wedding fayres in my area start from £80 (no catwalk) to £150. For the £150 you know that there will be a catwalk and you may get an individual advert within a newspaper article advertising the wedding fayre.
                Finally if its one of the more expensive wedding fayres can they possibly see their way to helping a small business like yourself by reducing the fee of the stall. Some hotels are good this way but remember there are plenty of other businesses out there ready to step into your space.
                I have had 6 invitations this autumn. 2 of which I am doing. 2 of which I asked for a reduction but they have backed off and probably will go and get my competitors in and 2 of which I have had to refuse so that I can save my money for the turn of the new year. Wedding fayres are much better attended just after the New Year as the frenzy of Christmas presents shopping is over and they can now concentrate on their weddings.
                Hope this helps
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                  Wedding Fair - Brentwood


                  I'm pretty sure they do wedding fairs at the Brentwood Centre - type that and 'Doddinghurst road' into google and it'll come up.

                  I don't know where you live but it's 20 mins from my house in Romford and I'm no more than 20 mins from central london..

                  Hope that helps!