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Purple or white?

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  • Purple or white?

    Hello everyone!

    Really need you guys opinions please! Here is the situation:

    I am displaying my work (jewellery and tiaras) at an alternative trade show. They will be against fabric but which colour??? I know they stand out more on white but as it is an alternative show, should it be more gothicy with the purple? Will people be attracted by the gothic look of purple or will they be attracted by seeing the black jewellery and tiaras against the white????? I'm very confused so any colour votes most welcome Thanks![/url][/url]

    Not sure how to add photos-hope this works!

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    you need h t t p :// at the beginning of the links and forget the [ url ] bit at the end


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      Your photos did not work but I wondered, could you use the purple as the overall cover and have small squares of an alternative lighter colour i.e. Lavender, Pale pink, Light mouve to place the dark jewelry on and if you have any very light pieces use some small pieces of black fabric thereby keeping to the Goth theme. I don't think white would fit in this instance.
      This is just one idea. I am sure someone with more experience will come along with something more suitable.
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        Well, you'd be the only one there with a white stand!

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          That's a very tricky question as I've just looked at both photographs... I like the shade of purple you've used and it would look great at an alterative/goth event although I think your tiaras stand out better on the white material as they are quite dark themselves.

          It's one thing having your display background tying in with the theme of the event but you want to make sure your products stand out and grab people's attention rather than blending into the background, so on that basis, I personally would go with the light coloured background.

          Hope this helps.


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            For those who can't see the photographs, the links are:




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              They definitely look better against the white. You could always use the purple -I agree a gorgeous colour - over the table but display the tiaras on the white.



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                Yes definitely the white shows them up better.


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                  I agree, your tiara in the photo looks gorgeous on the white but is lost on the purple and that'd be a crime, but the purple fabric would be lovely as a background.
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                    I'm with silvermaid & goldy on this one. The white definitely shows your tiara up much better than the purple but like everyone else says, purple is def more goth than white so go for white but lay the white on the purple.

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                      agri, white shows them up better, but purple is more goth than white



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                        I think the white sets them off better, but if you are thinking of goths as wanting them I expect they would be attracted to a purple stand, so a mixture might work...
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                          I think white too, although purple might be more in keeping there's no point blending in when what you really want to do is stand out!!

                          let us know how you get on! your tiaras are lovely!!

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                            I go for the white... It looks more appropriate...


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                              Thanks to everyone who has replied!!!! All the replies have been very interesting and useful! I think I will go with white but maybe edge it in black lace? and then put the purple fabric on the table like you all suggested!
                              THANKS FOR EVERYONE'S HELP!!!!! MUCH APPRECIATED X